Lauroceraso with ramose cancers

Lauroceraso with ramose cancers

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Question: what disease attacked my laureler?

Hi, I have a problem with a laurel laurel hedge. The leaves are all scorched (dry) at the edges. In addition, a few plants have dried the branches from the bottom to the top, branches that I have already pruned. Thank you for your reply

Lauroceraso with ramose cancers: Answer: the ramose cancers

Dear Gianpietro,
the lauroceraso is unfortunately one of the species of plants very easily attacked by the ramane cancer; it is a fungus, which penetrates through the wounds of the bark, caused by accidental breaking of the branches, or by pruning. Once settled in the wood, the cancer proceeds from the apexes, towards the larger branches, up to the stem of the plant. It is a widespread disease, and unfortunately also difficult to eradicate, as there is no real cure. The affected branches must be removed, until they are completely healthy and burned in the wood, to prevent the disease from being transmitted to other plants. This mushroom is carried by the wind, and therefore it is easy for it to move from one plant to another very quickly. In general, however, in order to attack a plant, the cancer must find an open door, or cuts, accidental or wanted; we often see whole hedges where only one specimen has been attacked by cancer, while the rest of the hedge continues to grow quietly. Then, armed with shears, and remove all the branches that have dry or ruined leaves; obviously, to avoid transporting the disease continuously, first of all cut the wood where it appears healthy, and after each single cut it disinfects the scissors well and covers the cutting surfaces with pruning mastic. This mastic, in addition to closing the wounds, contains antifungal substances, which keep the disease away. Since the lauroceraso is a luxuriant and vigorous plant, you can make the cut at any time of the year. All the wood obtained from pruning will be destroyed by briciandolo, possibly carrying out the operation as soon as possible, without leaving the wood on the ground in the garden.