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Question: kiwi

I have found that the kiwi leaves have curled like a concova hand, can I have help to know the cause of this phenomenon?

Answer: kiwi

Dear Fulvio,
without seeing at least one photograph of your kiwifruit leaves, it is difficult to make a unambiguous diagnosis, I can only tell you which problems can lead to a particular development of the kiwi foliage. Quite simply, it could simply be some water imbalance: little water or too much water may have forced the plant to "abnormally" develop the foliage. Kiwis generally like a fresh soil, with regular watering, but only if the soil is dry; if the climate is hot and sultry, with many hours of sunshine every day, it is advisable to repair the plants from direct sunlight, with a shading net for example.
Other problems that can cause the kiwifruit to crumble, should also show poor vigor of the plants, poor development, and poor fruiting; in this case we are dealing with fungal diseases penetrated in the roots or in the wood, due to a soil that is often very humid, or pruning done drastically, and without covering the cutting surfaces with the appropriate fungicidal mastic, which in addition to having the purpose to repair live wood from the air, it also prevents pests from entering plants.
If you think it could be a problem related to watering, you will have to adjust them differently, always waiting for the soil to dry well between two waterings, or trying to water more regularly if you think the amount of water provided is scarce.
If, on the other hand, the watering is ideal, and the plant tends to deteriorate more and more over time, you will not be able to do anything but start to raise basal suckers, in order to completely replace the stem and branches you are raising now, with new vegetation.


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