How and when to water the lawn

How and when to water the lawn

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Question: How and when to water the lawn

hi I would like to know if it is right to irrigate the lawn every night during periods of strong heat: otherwise how to do it? I would like advice, thank you for your kind help.

Answer: How and when to water the lawn

Dear Erminio,
the turf consists of many small perennial plants, which grow close together; a healthy and lush lawn has beautiful deep roots, which are able to withstand the summer heat, as they fall well below the surface. If the waterings are supplied in an inconsistent manner and very often, the water stops on the surface, forcing the root system of the small plants to grow higher, thus feeling the effects of external climatic changes (summer and winter), and this does not it is good. Therefore it is generally advisable to water the lawn so that at the end of watering the soil is well soaked in depth; in addition to this, between two waterings, the soil should have all the time necessary to dry completely, to avoid damaging water stagnation. Therefore, in general, we expect at least an entire day between two waterings provided in July; but it is clear that the variables are many: in case of thunderstorms, it would be appropriate to "skip" a watering; in case of really intense heat it may be necessary to water both in the morning and in the evening. It really depends on the outside temperature and the exposure of your lawn. The fundamental thing is that when you water, you do it for a good period of time, so that the water penetrates at least 20-30 cm into the ground.