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General characteristics

Variety of Lobivia, it is a very easy plant to grow, originating from Argentina, it does not have large water requirements. It is a succulent plant to grow in a hanging pot, it can reach 30 cm in width.


Each stem has on average eight ribs; the areolas have short spines and are covered with soft, short hairs.

The flowers

They appear in spring during the day, funnel-shaped, orange-red, reaching seven cm in length.
To obtain maximum flowering, in winter the plant should be kept at a low temperature, with a minimum of three degrees centigrade. In summer, ventilate over 27 degrees during hot periods.
well lit by indirect light


Water well during the growing season, allowing the soil to dry before re-filling. In winter keep the soil very dry and wet only to prevent the plant withering.


Special cactus soil, or a peat-based compound with half the volume of river sand;


Once a month during the development period with cactus fertilizer.


Every year in the spring. The stems are quite fragile and must be handled with extreme care during repotting, using gloves to avoid biting.


Each broken stem, left to dry for two or three days and placed in a compost of equal parts of peat and sand, takes root easily.
If the individual sprouts are provided with roots, they are jammed directly.

Chaemecereus: Variety

The genus includes only the variety C. silvestrii, called peanut cactus.