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The garden fireplace

The fireplace is equipped with a small oven which, if desired, can also be fed with wood, just like that of pizzerias, but its feeding is usually methane with the appropriate connection to the main pipe that feeds the dwelling system. The outdoor fireplaces are remarkably beautiful and functional and modern technology has made these elements give maximum efficiency. Their solid and sturdy structure allows you to cook pizzas, rustic dishes, cakes and much more besides having as an additional component, not only a plate, but also a grill, a barbecue and a kitchen. A very comfortable element for those who like to spend evenings full of joy and good humor, the outdoor fireplace is a panacea for those who do not want to get dirty inside the house and then transport the food under the gazebo in the courtyard. The food is prepared directly in the garden and many inconveniences are avoided.

When cooking and preparing dishes for friends, the oven must be functional to the maximum, therefore, given the progress that the industries producing fireplaces are making, it can be said that absolute perfection has almost been reached. The functions that these ovens have are multiple and equal to high-quality and classy indoor ovens. They are equipped with a stainless steel chimney, a timer to set the cooking time, a thermometer to regulate the heat, a peephole, a knob for adjusting the draft and internal lighting to check if the food is ready ... Some ovens possess the so-called soapstone which is a metamorphic rock where one can cook in a dietetic way by placing slices of meat or fish on its surface. The stone is compact and durable and resists to higher temperatures and is also easily cleaned as it is smooth due to its composition with magnesium hydrated silicate, magnesite and penninite. The technology is giving the best of itself and tries to allow in any way that those who use the garden fireplace, are satisfied as well as the diners who are invited to outdoor dinners. The ovens can be located wherever you want, usually though, they are placed near a gazebo where the guests are supposed to be found around a table prepared while sipping good fresh wine and waiting impatiently for the delights and delicacies fresh from the fireplace from the garden.