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Pvc flower pots

Pvc flower pots

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Pvc flower pots

Planters are intended to embellish and enrich the context in which they are used. Whether it is creating green spaces in an urban context or giving the garden a new look, the use of flower boxes is essential and very practical, as moving flowers and underground plants requires less time and effort. Planters in general are made of wood but in recent years PVC planters are finding a wide market.

Because PVC

Wood is an easily workable material which, however, has considerable disadvantages. It is subject to rapid wear and therefore requires constant maintenance. Not being an impermeable material, it tends to rot and deteriorate inexorably. To keep wooden planters in good condition it is necessary to periodically devote some time to sand the worn parts, pass the impregnated on the whole planter and then give hands with paint. You can choose to entrust this job to a gardener by supporting the related costs. PVC is a very resistant thermoplastic material, completely waterproof, long-lived and with a decidedly low cost. PVC planters do not deteriorate over time, do not deform, do not alter and do not require any maintenance.


PVC planters are made with such a thickness that the external wall and the internal wall never come into contact with each other. This means that the soil inside the pot remains quite isolated and does not suffer from overheating by the sun's rays. At the roots of plants and flowers are thus guaranteed the right temperature and the right humidity. The bottom of the planter is supported by a powder-coated galvanized steel sheet that can also be integrated directly into the PVC structure. The bottom has drainage holes to prevent water stagnation.


PVC planters resist saltiness, smog, are practical to clean and are resistant to fungus and mold. Being resistant to atmospheric agents, there is no need to protect them during the colder or too hot months. The creation of PVC flower boxes is carried out with the utmost attention to detail, so that they are often indistinguishable from those in wood. They can be made with small veins that are very similar to those found in wood. In addition to the various shades of wood color, green, white or dark brown models are available. It should be emphasized that PVC is a fireproof and self-extinguishing material, so it can be used for both outdoor and indoor furnishings. It is a 100% recyclable material since it is possible to melt it repeatedly without losing its primary qualities. PVC planters can be supplied already assembled through a thermofusion process carried out on the corners. In this way it is possible to obtain a base made to design to be placed in a specific space or to be buried in the garden. There are models that allow the end user to fit the planters to size with simple joints. The assembly operation is decidedly elementary and easily achievable even by the most inexperienced. Do not underestimate the lightness of the material that allows you to easily move the planters without the need to extract the plants.

Choose and buy

PVC planters should be chosen taking into account the type of plants or flowers they will host. If planters are used for plants, it will be advisable to choose rather large sizes to allow the plant to grow and avoid having to change the planters over time. We must also consider the location to which the planters are intended. There are several models on the market that differ in height, length and shape. The choice must be made considering the overall context. If the planters are the only element included in the scenario, it will be necessary to evaluate the shape and make sure that the color does not conflict with the furniture. Purchases can be made at nurseries, wholesalers that treat garden objects or in flower shops. Go to a place that allows you to have a good assortment at your disposal. In order to make the purchase more suitable to your needs acquired information on the internet. Once you have obtained the various information, go to the store and use the help of the salespeople. If you are looking for particular or unique planters you will have to browse through the magazines in the sector. In this case it is advisable to contact the manufacturer directly for more information on the model of your choice. The price of PVC planters is determined not so much by the cost of the material before but rather by the workmanship and design. The price of PVC is in fact very low and a basic model of planters can cost a few tens of euros. If, on the other hand, you are moving towards unique or custom-made pieces, the price increases considerably.