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Argan oil

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Origin and benefits of Argan oil for cosmetic use

Known for centuries in Morocco and still considered a true elixir of wellness and beauty by dermatologists around the world, Argan oil is the most commonly used natural remedy for skin care, hydration and regeneration, hair and nails. Obtained until a few years ago by the laborious work carried out patiently by Berber women on the seeds of Argania Spinosa, which consisted of a long process that has remained unchanged for centuries, today the production of Argan oil is due largely to its constant use. of modern machinery. The ancient procedure, in fact, assumed that the fruits of the Argania Spinosa were collected from the soil once they fell from the branches and that, once the pulp was divided from the core, it was put aside, without residue, in a basket. Once the right amount of hazels was reached, the Berber women took two stones wide enough to be able to open the stone, by nature quite hard, and extract one or two mandorlins, using an unchanged procedure for eight centuries and, only once gathered these mandorline, they proceeded to their grinding through an instrument that, with the addition of water, produced a sort of mush called malaxange. This sort of pasta was then rubbed further on the rudimentary instrument to finally give rise to drops of pure Argan oil. So much work to get a few drops of an oil that is considered as real liquid gold. For centuries in fact, berbere women have used Argan oil for the care of their beauty and the maintenance of their youth, thanks to the antioxidant, regenerating, moisturizing and protective properties of this miraculous oil.

The use of Argan oil for the care of the whole body

Pure Argan oil is rich in antioxidant and moisturizing substances, vitamin E and oleic acid: all natural properties that make it a winning ally against the signs of aging and dehydration of the skin. For this reason, in the dermatological field, in addition to the recommended use on the whole body, its frequent use is also recommended on the face and neck, especially in subjects who tend to have genetically a dry skin that, if not properly hydrated, is easily prepared to the formation of wrinkles. Thanks to the anti-aging agents of this Moroccan elixir, in fact, the skin will always remain young and will be better protected even from the harmful effects of UV rays, which cause the skin to age prematurely. The daily use of a few drops of Argan oil on the face skin, in fact, will optimize hydration without fattening the skin, preventing the birth of new signs and gradually eliminating the wrinkles already present. In very young skins, the use of Argan oil is recommended during adolescence, because it is able to cure any signs of acne, rebalancing the skin's sebum secretion thanks to its antiseptic and sebum-regulating qualities. Frequently used on the skin of the body will prevent the formation of stretch marks and reduce those already formed thanks to its high concentration of vitamin E, making the skin more elastic, erasing any dark spots and reducing the scars each time. Argan oil can be used without problems even on areas of the body subject to arthritis and rheumatism because it can alleviate the symptoms. Finally used on damp or dry hair it will make them more brilliant, hydrated, soft and silky, respecting the hair fiber and scalp. Argan oil can be used, if necessary, even on the nails, both hands and feet, to make them healthier, stronger and more resistant.

Argan oil: Argan oil in the food industry

Few people know that Argan oil has been used for centuries also in the food industry and that the difference with that used in cosmetics lies in the simple fact that the mandorlines used to obtain it, before being processed, are first roasted. What derives from it is a pure oil processed for a purely food use which, like the cosmetic one, is rich in beneficial properties for the whole of our body. From recent studies it has in fact been learned that Argan oil is able to regulate bad cholesterol, reducing it, and increasing the good one thanks to the strong presence of oleic acid, it also has anti-inflammatory and protective properties in the digestive tract thanks to the control of the production of pepsin and is able to improve the resistance of our immune system making it stronger to the aggression of external agents.


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