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Evergreen trees for elegant apartments

For this reason we can use shrubs or small trees of medium strength which will give value both to the proportions and to the corners of the house. There are many options for furnishing a simple apartment with trees and transforming it into a relaxing environment or place where you can give your eyes a corner of natural oasis. However, it is not always easy to choose the quality of the plant as it is necessary to pay attention to several factors. In large cities as in small towns it is a practice to go to farms where there is greater choice and quality. There are many types of shrubs that can live without suffering the enclosure of the apartment. We have the ficus benjamin, the classic ficus, the coffea arabica, the bread tree and finally also some bonsai fruit trees. For those who are not experts and therefore do not have a green thumb, it is good to have a guide to cure the plant in a healthy way.
One of the first rules is to place the plant in a cool, well-ventilated area.
For almost all types of trees it is good to always follow some fundamental rules that apply to all trees. In winter it is good to put the plant in front of a window so it can collect and take advantage of the sun's rays. Water must be direct and never too much. You would risk getting the roots moldy. In the warmer periods it is good to add a little in the saucer. The plant should be positioned as far as possible from direct heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces. In summer it is good to put the plant a couple of hours on a balcony in the cooler hours. During the day and especially during the hottest hours the shrub will not have to be placed in front of direct light but possibly in a well-lit room naturally. The pruning and the cleaning of the leaves are fundamental for a better quality of life of the same plant. A fundamental and universal rule for all apartment shrubs is that of often checking that the soil is not dry but moist.

Benjamin ficus

The ficus includes an infinite series of types of shrubs. Among the most sold there is without a doubt the famous Ficus Benjamin. Precisely because of its propensity to simple care it has become in a very short time the most loved among houseplants.
Coming from East Asia, this shrub can reach considerable dimensions. Its leaves are smooth and outlined grouped in a disordered form. It is a shrub that lends itself to pruning and is therefore among the first in the rankings as an ornamental plant for home or apartment.

Coffea arabica

This shrub is classified as an evergreen. It also reaches considerable dimensions but if it is transplanted in a vase its height does not exceed one meter and a half. its leaves are smooth and fleshy in a very sorry green. With an optimal environment in the apartment it is possible to see its wonderful flowers even if this does not happen easily.
Exceeding five years of age it is possible that it also gives fruits that are very bright red. Each fruit contains two seeds that, if roasted, produce the famous drink called "coffee". The coffea arabica is a plant that resists disease very well and therefore does not require special care. Unfortunately it is not easily found on the market.

The bread tree

This tree lends itself very well in small spaces like the apartment. In nature it also reaches considerable dimensions but when it is transplanted into a pot, its size is considerably reduced.
Its foliage is of a particular beauty, for this reason it is cultivated for ornamentation of houses or apartments.
It has two very beautiful types of flowers. The male ones are pointed and of a very intense yellow color.
The female ones are grouped in fleshy inflorescences.
Kept in an apartment it is difficult to see both flowers and fruits.
The particularity of this apartment tree is its fruit. This is eaten instead of bread so in tropical countries you can cook in different ways.
It is a shrub that expects particular attention also because it is often attacked by parasites.

Apartment trees: Bonsai

Bonsai is too general a term to encompass the whole story of these wonderful miniature trees that have Japanese origins. Among the shrub plants they are the most requested on the market even if the prices are not advantageous. They are real trees grown in very small pots with techniques that require time and patience. There are various types and shapes on the market. From the most common olive tree, to the Japanese peach tree, to the cherry tree to reach oaks, pines, weeping willows etc. They generally have the bloom of a normal tree with natural dimensions only with much smaller and less fragrant flowers. Fruits such as olives, cherries, and fish are small in size and are generally not eaten. Care must be meticulous also because small leaves require great care and sometimes even fertilizers can be harmful if used improperly. On the market precisely because very delicate trees you can find guides to cultivate and properly store these small jewels.