DIY floral decorations

DIY floral decorations

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DIY floral decorations

The floral decorations are a very simple ornament to realize to embellish the house or for particular occasions. With a few simple steps you can make very pleasant ornaments.

Needs: raw materials

Floral arrangements can be made with any type of plant or flower, real or fake. All you need is a starting idea and everything you need to make these decorations. For wall decorations, for example, there is a need for wire and string, ribbons of various sizes, beads or small objects that can easily be hung on the wall. If, on the other hand, it is a table ornament or a garden, you will need a fairly large container, such as a wooden bowl, a glass vase or old materials such as color bottles and wood crates. You should not spend exaggerated amounts to create do-it-yourself decorations, you can find real unique pieces even in the cellar of your home. An old porcelain tureen, perhaps discolored or chipped can be very useful, or a tin bucket and a wicker basket.
With flowers there are no limits to the imagination, you can use real or plastic corollas, the kind that are sold in stores selling household goods. You can use small shrubs and aromatic plants, or recycle flowers that you have at home. Often, for example, on the packaging of gifts or wedding favors there are floral ornaments, which can always be useful when needed. If you have a good manual, you can also make paper and fabric flowers, in this way the final optical effect, besides being very pleasant, will also be unique and original.
I decided the type of flower and plant to use, the container and the other decorative elements do not only have to use scissors, a tape measure and a stiff sponge and immediately start to realize their own personalized decorations.

How to make the decorations

First you need to get everything you need and above all you need to have a very large plan to work with.
If you want to make a decoration that also acts as a centerpiece, take the container or vase that will be used as a base and insert the rigid sponge inside. It is important to apply a sponge inside to make the decoration stable. If you decide to use real flowers, just make sure the container is airtight and you can wet the sponge. In this way the flowers will last much longer and you will have at the center of the table a decoration of real flowers. Freshly picked flowers can be placed in your garden in a white porcelain bowl or fruit bowl. If roses are used, for example, it is better to choose them of the same color and to decorate everything with ivy leaves or other small shrubs to enrich the composition. If you do not want to cut the flowers, just get the plastic or fabric ones and insert them one by one into the sponge. If the stem is too long, it can also be cut. In addition to roses, calla lilies or any other flower with a very large corolla are also very suitable for decorations. The flowers should always be placed starting from the center and then proceeding either spiral or radially. Once the lower leaves have been removed, fill in any empty spaces with moss and fern or ivy leaves. The decorations are also perfect for hanging on the wall as a sort of painting. If you have an old frame or small wooden boards, just take the measurements well and wrap flowers and grassy filaments around the wooden skeleton. In order not to leave the void in the center you can crosswise put woolen threads or colored ribbons and insert other smaller flowers or glue a base with a mirror. You can also make decorations in the shape of a heart or ovals with ribbons and wire. Simply cover the shape with fabric or sponge, take small flowers and glue them to the sponge or sew them on the fabric. To create a romantic and spring motif you can use peonies or colored hydrangeas. For the decoration of a rustic room, instead, you can use sunflowers intertwined with ears of wheat. Just make a small hook to hang the decoration on the wall.

Opportunities to show the decorations

There are many occasions in which to show off your do-it-yourself decorations, including parties and events. For a wedding, for example, you can make very beautiful table centers using ice buckets, white paper flowers and beads to decorate everything. In a reception room you can make decorations hanging from the walls or from the chandelier using simple rope on which to weave fake ivy leaves and roses. A floral arrangement can also be placed at the entrance of the house during the Christmas holidays. In this case it will be enough to get some fir leaves and a Christmas star. With a wire, a circle is created and then with the glue and ribbons the leaves and twigs are tied together. Finally the red Christmas stars are glued.


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