Press review November 2011

Press review November 2011

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20 November - 29 January 2011 Tortona (AL)Nature Redivive

The three Kingdoms of Nature in Italian and Nordic Still life
curated by Giacomo Maria Prati and Paolo Lesino
featuring Giorgio Lodetti and Giovanni Serafini
Nature Redivive represents the most significant contemporary painting exhibition of "Still Life" ever made in Italy, in terms of number and quality of the participating artists, and takes on an international importance thanks to the participation of prestigious foreign artists, including Philippe Garel and Isabella Molard and the guest artist : Dutch Henk Helmantel, winner of the prestigious national Kunstenaar van het Jaar award in 2008 for the "best painter of the year". Helmantel leads a large and qualified Flemish and Nordic participation of artists who exhibit in Nature revives in a section dedicated to them, thanks to the precious collaboration with the curator and expert Diana J. Afman. Nature Redivive hosts 34 artists for more than 80 works of various sizes and techniques - pictorial, photographic, drawings - in addition to the evocative performative creations of Paola Nizzoli Desiderato, author of the famous "Cesta del Caravaggio" in 3D, and intends to show the vitality of the perennial model of the "still life" in all its vast artistic, stylistic, and narrative-linguistic variety, almost in historical continuity with the parallel exhibition "The wonder of still life 1830 -1910 from the Academy to the masters of Divisionism" created by the Casa Foundation of Savings of Tortona. Unique is the red thread that brings all the works on display together: the representation of natural elements drawn from the traditional three kingdoms: mineral, vegetable and animal. The title: Nature Redivive intends to renew the language of art culture. Halfway between the historical names "Still life" and "Still life", Nature Redivive shows the third way to grasp the essence of natural compositions in their synthesis between corruption and celebration, alienation and rebirth, realism and aesthetic illusion.
The exhibition is accompanied by a color catalog, with texts in Italian and English, created by the Vanilla Publishing House (, which hosts, in addition to the curators' contributions, interventions by Diana J. Afman, Giovanni Serafini and Giorgio Lodetti.
The cultural partner of the exhibition is the Cassa di Risparmio di Tortona Foundation (

Press review November 2011: ISAD Garden Design redesigns the garden of the Milan Triennale

ISAD - Higher Institute of Architecture and Design inaugurates for the academic year 2011/2012 an important collaboration with the Milan Triennale, which provides for the redesign of the garden spaces by a group of deserving students. The initiative confirms the vocation of ISAD as an innovative training institute present on the territory with a prestigious network of cultural partnerships. The redesign of the garden will be carried out by the students of the Garden Design Master / Specialization, for over twenty years one of the formative excellences of ISAD, together with the Interior Design, the Design Textile Materials, the Yacht Design.
The students' projects will be coordinated by the architect Marco Sessa, head of the Master together with the ISAD architect Marinella Jacini, and developed with the teachers in the period between November 2011 and March 2012.
With this prestigious collaboration, ISAD follows the dream of Giorgio Correggiari, ISAD coordinator and master of style and creativity, who recently died, who laid the foundations of the project, sharing with ISAD the enthusiasm and pride of being able to offer their students the extraordinary opportunity to compete with a theme from life and for a Milanese reality of enormous cultural and historical importance, such as the Triennale.
The projects will be presented at the Salone del Mobile 2012, a prestigious international showcase, with modalities and dates to be defined.
ISAD - Higher Institute of Architecture and Design
Via Balduccio da Pisa, 16, 20139 Milan
Tel. 02.55210700,