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Question: how much to water the lemon

Hi this summer I bought a lemon plant now, winter is coming, I took it to a place sheltered from the cold now I wanted to know how many times a week I have to water it
Thank you very much for your reply

Lemons: Answer: how much to water the lemon

Dear Jackie,
the lemon trees are evergreen, and their development is continuous and constant throughout the year, without winter breaks; clear that the greater availability of water due to rainfall or the natural environment humidifies the plant's water requirements.
Lemons love good environmental humidity and regular watering.
The frequency of watering therefore depends on where and how the plant has sheltered: if it still receives part of the rainfall water, or if instead it is placed in a cold greenhouse, in complete dry conditions.
During the cold months the natural evaporation of the water from the ground is slowed down, with poor insolation and low temperatures; he will then have to regulate his watering by checking the soil, which must be well watered about once a week, repeating watering only when it is well dried.
If after the first watering you see that the soil remains moist for many days, at the next watering it provides less water.
If the plant is in a greenhouse, remember that even in winter, some sunny days can cause the temperatures inside the shelter to rise very high, so the watering should be a little more frequent.