Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil

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Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is a highly prized cosmetic preparation, extracted from the seeds of rubiginosa rose. It is used for its antioxidant, regenerating and stimulating properties for the skin and hair.


Rosehip oil is extracted by various methods from a plant of wild origin, Rosa Affinis Rubiginosa, which belongs to the Rosaceae family. This shrub of oriental origin can reach medium size and grows spontaneously in countries with a temperate and rainy climate, particularly in Chile and the Andes. The stem is long and thorny, while the flowers have a yellow and pale pink color. The flowering occurs between October and December, the fruits are red and produce many seeds, from which the omomino oil is then obtained. The extraction takes place mainly through the cold pressing of the berries, so as not to alter the quality and subsequent conservation. The oil thus maintains a high concentration of active ingredients and polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic and oleic acid, which form a natural barrier to the cells. Being a very valuable and easily alterable product, storage must always take place in dark containers, possibly in glass, away from direct sunlight. It is always important to check the ingredients that make it up to understand if the product is pure or mixed with other oils and substances.


Rosehip oil has many medical and cosmetic properties, especially against the skin. Several scientific researches have demonstrated the effectiveness and validity of use in recent years. It has a regenerating action against skin tissues thanks to the presence within it of numerous fatty acids, which restore the nutrients it has lost to the skin, also improving collagen production. Inside there are: Alpha-Linoleic Acid, Gamma-Linoleic, Stereatic, Oleic and Palmitic acid, essential for the synthesis of prostaglandins, which deal with the processes of cell regeneration.
The oil is also rich in vitamin C and A, which are essential for the health of the body, because they help fight dehydration, free radicals and photo-aging. This product also has healing properties against damaged tissues, such as scars, wounds and stretch marks. The skin immediately appears improved and revitalized thanks also to its moisturizing properties, which guarantee greater compactness and tone to the epidermis.


Rosehip oil can be used in many ways, alone or in combination with a moisturizer to enhance its effectiveness. As a massage oil it is perfect for elasticizing the skin and making it soft. Thanks to its properties this product is particularly indicated as a precaution against stretch marks, especially if you are on a diet. It also helps improve the appearance of already formed stretch marks, especially those that are still pink and red. Just apply a little oil on your hands and massage directly on the skin, preferably moist, in order to have the product absorbed first.
Pure oil can also be used in the preventive treatment of expression wrinkles, the famous crow's feet that form around the eyes and around the lips, effectively counteracting skin aging.
The use of oil does not lead to any side effects, rather it is more constant over time, the greater the benefits and results. Visible even after a few weeks if the product is applied several times a day. During pregnancy it helps keep the skin elastic and toned, preventing stretch marks and loss of tone. It can also be used as a soothing oil in case of diseases such as chickenpox, in fact, it improves the appearance of scars and relieves itching. The oil is also used in case of burns, dermatitis, hyperpigmentation and skin damage caused by the sun's rays. Just apply it to clean, dry skin and lightly massage, repeating the operation several times a day.
In addition to skin, rosehip oil can also be used on hair to make it healthier and improve its appearance. The properties of Rosa Rubiginosa contrast the split ends and the fragility of the hair bulbs, but above all it brings concrete results against the scaling of the scalp. A pack can be made per week directly on the skin or only on the lengths, leaving the oil to act for thirty minutes and then move on to the usual washing.
It can be used by all skin types and at any age. It helps dry and sensitive skin against climatic factors, improving its hydration, counteracts the signs of acne and does not clog the pores in the most problematic and oily skin.
In addition to external use, rosehip oil can also be used as a powder, as a vitamin supplement. In addition to tissues, it also helps the cardiovascular and nervous systems. In the market there are many products based on rosehip oil, but it is always better to use this pure oil, or add it directly to other types of cosmetic preparations if necessary. Above all, it must be checked whether it comes from organic cultivation and has not been chemically treated.