Anti-cellulite herbal tea

Anti-cellulite herbal tea

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Anti-cellulite herbal tea

Cellulite is an alteration of the adipose tissue that is immediately under the skin and creates an extremely common blemish especially among women.
Among its causes, in addition to genetic causes, there may be vascular or hormonal disorders but also other more common factors, such as poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle and stress.
To eliminate the problem of cellulite, a healthy life should be carried out as much as possible, so first of all, follow a correct diet, rich in vegetables and fresh fruit, and drink a lot of water that fights water retention. alcohol and smoking and carry out a minimum of physical activity, perhaps with specific exercises for cellulite, which also help improve the muscular state and strengthen circulation.
In addition to this, there are natural remedies for cellulite among which a place in the foreground undoubtedly belongs to herbal teas which, in addition to their draining and purifying function tending to eliminate excess liquids, play a positive effect on our entire body. In fact the herbal teas, being composed of herbs, acquire all the beneficial properties.
The anti-cellulite herbal tea they are widely distributed in the market, but they can also be easily prepared at home, by boiling the appropriate herbs in water.
There are so many herbs that thanks to their properties can be used to prepare anti-cellulite infusions: for example for a draining action the main ones are the dandelion, the birch, the pineapple, the papaya, the pilosella; for a lipolytic action, coffee, guarana and tea, especially the green tea that is famous for its purifying properties; for the stimulation of the microcirculation it is possible to use the vine, the horse-chestnut, the sweet clover and the centella.


The use of medicinal herbs for the preparation of anti-cellulite herbal tea It is especially widespread in the field of homeopathy, which carries out effective treatments for body care in general but above all against cellulite.
Among the main plants that are used in homeopathy to make anti-cellulite teas we find:
- Juniper, which is an excellent refreshing and mainly has the function of counteracting water retention, with a remarkable action of eliminating excess liquids that accumulate in the body.
- The grape, which has properties capable of strengthening the connective tissue of the epidermis and above all, acts as a strengthening of the collagen fibers, thus fighting the mass of adipose tissue. It also promotes the elasticity of blood vessels.
- Like grapes, centella asiatica is a plant that with its beneficial properties is able to perform an action to strengthen collagen fibers.
- Another herb used effectively for anti-cellulite herbal teas is ginkgo biloba, native to China, which acts mainly on the blood circulation, helping the regularity of blood flow and lymphatic fluids.
- Dandelion is also used to combat cellulite, famous for its highly diuretic properties and therefore excellent for eliminating all excessive liquids from the body;
- Among the local plants are also used parsley, anise, elderberry.


The most effective herbal teas to solve the problem of cellulite are those that possess purifying properties and that exert a stimulating action on the microcirculation, at the same time favoring the elimination of toxins from the body, therefore the draining herbal teas are among the most widespread anticellulite remedies among women who suffer from this disorder.
There are many types on the market, ready to use,
For example, an excellent product on the market is the Bonomelli draining herbal tea, made from birch, apple, verbena, nettle and orthosiphon, which taken regularly promotes the release of excess fluids by the body.
Another effective product on the market against cellulite is the draining herbal tea produced by L'Angelica, which uses fennel, ortosiphon, horsetail and birch.
Then there is the Caudalie draining herbal tea, made with 100% organic products such as blackcurrant, cinnamon, blueberry, red vine and orange peel, able to exert a draining and at the same time slimming action.

Anti-cellulite infusions: TISANES TO BE PREPARED AT HOME

If you purchase the herbs necessary for the preparation of the anti-cellulite herbal tea in herbal medicine, preparing it is extremely easy because it involves boiling the herbs in a saucepan of water for a few minutes and then filtering them.
Among the easiest anti-cellulite herbal teas to prepare at home:
The herbal tea with basil, which is obtained by infusing the basil in boiling water for ten minutes together with lavender, laurel, mint, linden and anise seeds, after which the whole must be filtered and, if the tea is bitter, sweeten with a bit of honey. It would be good to drink 3 or 4 cups a day
Fennel herbal tea, to be prepared in infusion with peach, birch, centella and wheatgrass. After boiling and filtering, the ideal is to drink 2 or 3 cups a day.
The horsetail herbal tea, particularly useful for the functioning of blood vessels, is prepared by boiling two tablespoons of horsetail in water for about 15 minutes, after which it must be filtered.
The nettle tea is also widely used as an anti-cellulite. It is prepared by boiling the nettle leaves in the water for about 20 minutes together with the leaves of olmaria and roots of dandelions, adding lemon juice after filtering.