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Rectangular vases

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Taking care of the house and furnishing it with care represents an action that cannot be avoided, because the house reflects its character and, therefore, needs to be kept in order in order to welcome guests properly; in this regard it is possible to install, both inside and outside the home environments, the rectangular vases that can be used in many ways, to contain plants, to hold objects of all kinds, or even simply as furniture vases used to enhance the house in its entirety.


THE rectangular vases they can be of various sizes and in various styles, depending on how they are used and the personal tastes, because rectangular vases must be in line with home furnishings and with the architectural style of the home. These vases can be found in modern style and are more suitable for those that have minimalist and contemporary furnishings, then there are rectangular vases in ethnic style, suitable for homes that want to take on an exotic touch and, finally, vases exist in classic style, which are suitable for any type of furniture, because the classic never sets. There are also several materials used for the creation of rectangular vases, from PVC, wood, terracotta, ceramics, to natural fibers.


PVC is a recently discovered material that has enjoyed considerable success in the window and door furniture market; it represents one of the most used materials for the construction of rectangular vessels, thanks to its many advantages. First of all it is a material suitable for both inside and outside, since it is very resistant to atmospheric agents and does not fear the attacks of humidity, managing to keep its appearance the same throughout its use; moreover, PVC is a water repellent and fireproof material, but also immune from acid attacks. It is a very insulating material and this allows the rectangular vessels to be able to maintain the same soil temperature as a plant even in the case of strong temperature changes, ensuring good plant growth; thanks to its malleability, PVC can be found in different colors that allow you to make the right choice for your home.


Wood is also a material widely used to make rectangular vases, above all because it has an intrinsic elegance that is able to enhance every type of environment in which it is inserted. Wood for rectangular pots is a material that safeguards the environment, since it is 100% eco-sustainable, in fact at the end of its life cycle, it can be disposed of naturally without causing any damage to the external environment. The wood used to build the rectangular vessels is called solid wood and indicates the wood that is taken directly from the trunk of the trees to give the vessels greater solidity and durability over time. It is a material that needs a modest maintenance in order to fully show off its elegance, which can also be increased with inlays and motifs of various kinds.


Terracotta is par excellence the most used material for rectangular vases, since being an entirely natural material, it is not perceived as a stranger by the soil and the plant, which can grow in good health. Its reddish color makes it possible to adapt to any type of furnishing and architectural style and, moreover, the terracotta fits perfectly both inside and outside the house; thanks to its porosity, the terracotta gives the rectangular vases the characteristic of porosity, which allows to absorb any excess water present in the soil of the plant.


The ceramic is configured as a material completely of natural origin and allows not to damage the surrounding environment at the end of its use; the ceramic is very resistant to scratches and impacts and, moreover, it can be decorated according to everyone's needs. Rectangular ceramic vases do not fear temperature changes and maintain their identical appearance for their entire duration; It is a very easy to clean material because it does not absorb and stains can be eliminated even with the help of a damp cloth.


Finally, there are rectangular vases in natural fibers, which are better suited to houses in ethnic style, and are very suitable for containing all sorts of objects, but also very suitable for plants. Rectangular vases in natural fibers are very light and allow them to be moved easily from one environment to another; moreover they do not require high maintenance and are eco-sustainable, since they protect the environment and do not pollute it, since at the end of their use they can be disposed of in a natural and harmless way for the environment.


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