Grow strawberries

Grow strawberries

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Growing strawberries:

Small perennials with a creeping habit, strawberries are suitable for cultivation in a flowerbed in a semi-shady area, where the sun does not reach them for a large number of hours every day.
Originating in the undergrowth, in order to develop well they need a fresh and moist soil, prolonged drought inhibits flowering, and consequently also fruiting; then water them carefully, often enough to keep the soil cool, but not soaked with water.
They can be placed at home with the help of the mulching sheet, which keeps weeds at bay; the small plants continually produce long creeping stolons on the surface of the ground, at the end of those that usually a new plant is born; Periodically it is good to remove the new plants and plant them in another flowerbed, so that the vegetation does not become excessively crowded.