Grow radishes

Grow radishes

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Grow radishes:

Radishes are very easy to grow vegetables; although they are sold throughout the year, they are generally cultivated only in the garden, from March to April, until September.
To be cultivated they need a well-worked garden plot, enriched with manure and sand, in order to make the soil very soft and drained. The plot must be well exposed to the sun.
The small seeds are sown by spreading, mixing them with sand to ensure that they are best spread inside the plot: an excessively thick sowing creates small plants that are too close to each other, which will produce tiny sized roots.
Radishes are eaten with raw, pinzimonio or salad roots; It is therefore essential that the roots have the right space to expand.
There are radishes of many varieties, some are more suitable for cultivation in the months with mild climate, others are more suitable for cultivation in summer.
After sowing, we water carefully, intervening whenever the soil has dried well; a poor watering causes hard radishes and a more intense taste.
To obtain fresh radishes always small plots are sown in succession, spacing the sowing of about 3 weeks.