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The Dalia is a tuberous plant native to Mexico. On the market there are dahlias of every shape and color, and also of various sizes, from 20-25 cm of dwarf dahlias, up to 100-120 cm of the highest and largest dahlias.
The flowers are flower heads, and they bloom starting from late spring until late summer.
They are grown in a good soil, fresh, rich and well drained, possibly very soft, so that the tubers can develop a good root system.
In areas with very cold winters, dahlias are planted at the end of winter, when frost is only a memory, in a sunny position. In areas with mild winters, however, the dahlias can remain at home even in the cold period, when they are in total vegetative rest.
Watering must be provided at the time of implantation, and afterwards only in the event of drought, being particularly vigilant during the flowering period.
After planting the tubers, and however every year in spring, we spread around the dahlias a slow release granular fertilizer, which will melt with watering