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Balcony planters

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Balcony planters

The balcony planter is an indispensable element for plant lovers. It allows different plants to be cultivated, but trying not to put plants too large to prevent them from growing inappropriately. If you love flowers, especially those that are colorful and fragrant, the best solution is to plant them in planters and then place them on the balcony. There are some types of plants that do not suffer from the cold, so they can stay and survive in the planters even in winter. In the event that the plant suffers the harsh winter temperatures, it is advisable to bring the planter inside the house and put it back on the balcony only when spring arrives. Plants often suffer the effects of cold and snowfall negatively. For example, in regions with a mild and warm climate, succulent plants settle well, but if winter is particularly harsh, they could suffer considerable damage, even death. For this reason, you will need to keep them warm indoors. If the space you have is not large to allow the planter to fall to the ground, then the same planter can be placed on the wooden grid, where it will allow the climbing plants to grow, develop and separate the balcony in different areas, a more reserved one. and another more exposed. In the event that the planter remains empty, it is essential to empty and cover it. As far as cleaning is concerned, it is necessary to know that detergents must never be used inside the pots, but only water must be used to remove any soil residues.


The characteristic of the plants is that of being able to adapt in every corner of the house, they do not necessarily have to be in the garden or in flower beds, but can easily be grown on the balconies and terraces. Many plants can be placed in planters that can hook into railings, or be supported or placed on low walls. Clearly for the plant to develop and grow well in planters, it is necessary to know what types of plants can be grown in the latter. Certainly the lily, the camellia, the cyclamens and the heather are excellent plants both for the planters and because they resist the cold. The lily is cultivated as an ornamental plant especially in the garden and in the planters for the elegance and the perfume brought by the flowers. Camellia is easily cultivated in pots and fertilized in spring. Very beautiful and elegant to enrich a planter. Cyclamens love being outdoors where, thanks to their colors, they embellish balconies and flower beds. The only trick is to leave the soil moist and not wet and expose the pots to the sun. The heather are rustic plants that produce flowers in the winter period. And finally the chrysanthemums, very resistant to low temperatures.


If you don't have the space you need to grow flowers, don't despair, you just need a balcony or a terrace to grow plants and flowers using flower boxes. These containers adapt to any type of home and railings. Planters are comfortable and can be made with different materials, more and more people are choosing this method to grow evergreens. So flower boxes are a great solution for those who do not have a garden and cannot plant flowers or plants in the ground. Most planters are placed in the balconies and are made of different materials. In general, wrought iron planters are considered the most elegant and the most original of all. They enrich gardens and balconies impeccably. This type of planter hooks very well on the balcony, but can easily be placed in the garden. Hooked on the balcony, they allow you to get more space and being very light, they are much more appreciated than simple vases. In most cases they are black. Special decorations make the iron planter timeless and similar to antique style planters. The iron planters are designed to accommodate plants with large roots. They are also very resistant to any kind of weather situation.


Vases and flowers are useful accessories to keep the plants always good and healthy. The concrete planters are found both in the raw and colored state. In general, this type of planters are highly appreciated by gardeners and plant lovers because they are particularly cheap and of any shape and color. They have a structure able to put ornamental plants but also real trees. Furthermore, these allow the pruning of the plants to be carried out without difficulty. It is good to know that on concrete planters it is necessary to make a hole so as to allow the hunting of water in abundance that would otherwise risk damaging the plants. By now this type of planters are found everywhere, especially in terraces, large balconies and gardens.


Even the terracotta planters are excellent, because they allow the soil of the plant to breathe and allow a good drainage for the excess water. Terracotta is the ideal material for outdoor planters. Wood is also a good alternative because it is a valuable material that does not pollute the environment. The only disadvantage is that of its care because the wood needs maintenance to show its elegance completely.

Balcony planters: vases and planters: Balcony planters

The balcony represents for all those who do not have a garden, the only space where they can grow plants and flowers and therefore give space to the inspiration of DIY gardening.
This is why, exactly as with garden solutions, even the solutions for plants and flowers proposed for the balcony are particularly attentive to taste, style and choice of materials.
The balcony is a very important space although obviously much smaller even than a very small garden.
For these reasons the market in recent years has worked on solutions that could meet the needs of those who do not want to give up their corner of greenery on the terrace.
Hence the thousands of balcony flowering models, which are normally found in standard and small sizes.