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What to plant

On the terrace or balcony you simply have to establish the type of plants and containers suitable for them, as far as the ground is concerned, instead, it must first be cleared, digged, weeded and fertilized; after sowing and the growth of grass and seedlings, the first cut will be performed. Later we will be able to place potted or open field plants in very precise points of the external space, the species will have to be chosen based on the position, the climate of the garden and the decorative effects to be obtained; for example, to create shaded areas you can choose climbing species or large shrubs to shade furnished corners. The garden may perhaps be enriched by paths with hedges and borders, or pebbles and waterways, while for areas not covered by the lawn you can also think of a floor made of tiles to be laid with super-adhesive glues and without the need to resort to to the concrete range.
Rely on your imagination but for the choice among the hundreds of existing bulbs and seeds, ask your florist or nurseryman for advice to choose the products that best fit your idea.

How to treat green space

First of all, a beautiful garden is a well-kept garden so, based on the plants you have decided to plant, you will have to choose a good pesticide to get rid of unwanted pests, insects and small animals quickly, effectively and safely; the choice is vast: there are spray repellents, insect traps, granules and soil capsules up to the adhesive strips to be applied on vases and planters.
Speaking of vases and planters, they complete the decor of the garden, the terrace or the balcony because they allow to improve the aesthetics and are functional to the balanced growth of the plants; for the choice, rely on your taste and the style you have chosen: for example, if you have opted for a traditional and romantic style, you could choose hanging baskets and wooden boxes.
Whether you choose to take care of your own garden or entrust the maintenance to experts, it is necessary to provide for the purchase of the necessary tools for even occasional care such as: shovel, 12-tooth rake, heavy spade, heart-bicorn hoe, hoe quadra-bicorna, better in painted steel with the wooden handle of about 130 cm, and can not miss a wide broom for leaves with conical connection in galvanized and painted iron, very light and practical, equipped with 22 elastic and rounded teeth, wheelbarrow , in plastic or in galvanized sheet metal, watering cans; transplanting machine, wide or narrow, plant bulbs, perhaps with expansion, cultivator, working banquet, foraterra, 4-finger fork, bulbs and seeds with suitable suitable soils and fertilizers will be products reserved for use by those who will take care of your plants .
Products that perform the dual function of protection and decoration are, for example, the Volcanic Lapillus, a rough siliceous stone, formed from remote volcanic eruptions, particularly light and very decorative, which prevents the growth of weeds and keeps the soil moist in summer and protects frosty plants during the winter; valid alternative to pine bark that has a long protective action, preventing the growth of weeds for a period of 3-4 years, already from the first application, it keeps the soil soft, in watering it prevents the rapid evaporation of water and plays a thermo-insulating action in the soil, so it protects plants from temperature changes.
The list of products is really vast, the advice is always to let me guide you to purchase from an expert.

Garden products: How to furnish it

If for the purchase of products for the care and maintenance of our garden we need to rely on an expert, fortunately for his furniture we could use only our personal taste and our style, unless we have used a garden designer.
It is necessary to provide a shaded area under which to arrange tables and chairs, armchairs and sofas or both if there is enough space; for example, two separate areas can be provided, one for relaxation and one for banqueting, perhaps taking advantage of the dark natural area under the trees or creating it artificially with the aid of products such as umbrellas or sunshades. In the relaxation area you can provide, in addition to armchairs and sofas, sun loungers, swings and hammocks, without forgetting a box to preserve them from the weather; in the one for the banquet, in addition to tables and chairs commensurate with space and the number of people intent on inviting, can not miss food carts, barbecues and sinks, perhaps in concrete, to emphasize the destination.
To preserve your furniture in the winter period, you could buy a garden shed, in which you can also store all the products you have purchased for the care of the same; there are various shapes and sizes, in wood or plastic, the choice is yours.
If you have children, you could think of an area furnished with products designed exclusively for them: child-sized houses and gazebos, swings, slides, chairs, tables and umbrellas, baby size and inflatable play centers; you will get a dubious result: the children will play in complete tranquility and you will be able to continue to enjoy all the rest of your garden.