The Orchid

The Orchid

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Question: The Orchid

to keep an orchid for two stems in an apartment for a long time

Answer: The Orchid

Dear William,
it is not easy to answer your question, because many species of orchids can produce two floral stems, and therefore the plant of which you ask for information could belong to many species and varieties, even very different from each other. Generally the most widespread orchids are the phalaenopsis, plants of tropical origin, which need a good brightness, with not direct sunlight, and a good environmental humidity. Generally they are placed in a large saucer, on the bottom of which a few centimeters of pebbles, sand or clay are placed, which must always be kept moist, without the roots sinking in it: in this way the air around the plant is kept humid, without drowning the radical apparatus.
Watering must take place when the soil is dry, the best method is by immersion, or by immersing the vase in a basin full of water up to the upper edge of the vase; when all the substrate is wet, take the jar out of the tray, let it drain for a few minutes and replace the plant in its place. When the flowers have withered, the floral stems of the phalaenopsis do not cut, unless they are removed.