June wedding flowers

June wedding flowers

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June wedding flowers

Spring and summer are generally the two favorite seasons to get married. The climate is pleasant, the days are longer and you can indulge yourself with the choice of clothing and colors.
Of flowers, which are the fundamental element since they are intended to give the true imprint to the whole event, at this time of year there is a great variety and it remains only to indulge. In fact, it is usually always recommended to choose seasonal flowers - both to have more choice and to contain costs - and if during the coldest months the variety is not wide, in June the problem does not exist.
In this month also, for the lovers of this color, the predominant color of the flowers is the blue which is very difficult to find in other months during the year. In June you can also opt for the simple but always suitable wildflowers: sunflowers, delphinium and hypericum remain one of the most beautiful summer combinations.
It will be good, about four months before the wedding, to identify the florist who will take care of the decorations in the church and of the centerpieces for the reception. To get some more ideas and to help the florist keep a precise line, you can supply a piece of the fabric of the wedding dress.
Any bride of June, however, will be able to find the most suitable flowers for her party, in terms of shape and color. All that remains is to get some ideas about some of the possibilities available on the market.


If the spouses are planning to organize a wedding in the refined and refined shades of lilac and purple, why not choose the fleshy and fragrant lilac, or wisteria? Always to stay on bluish shades, you can also decide for hydrangeas, able to give a "shabby chic" atmosphere par excellence. In combination with these nuances, to dampen spots of color that could also be excessive, white never hurts. And in this case, both for the decorations in the church and for the reception, which for the bride's bouquet, the field daisies or the small gerberas are always perfect: they give a touch of simplicity that never clashes. Otherwise why not opt ​​for the usual but always beautiful roses? The white "Avalanche" is the most suitable for receptions.
And then there are the lilac lisanthius suitable for round and small bouquets, able to create a soft and romantic spot of color. These flowers are also perfect for church decorations, perhaps mixed: white and lilac, combined with white freesias. Being the lisanthius very delicate and simple, it could be a good idea to enrich the compositions, both of the restaurant and of the church, with light ribbons that recall the dominant color of the event. This to give a nice and decorative effect.


One of the most fashionable flowers for wedding parties in recent years, between the end of spring and the beginning of summer, is the peony. Elegant, romantic and very fragrant, the peony is originally from Japan where it is a symbol of luck and a lasting love bond. And although this flower exists in nature in various colors, its most refined version is certainly the white one. For decorations in the church, decoration of the tables at the reception and above all for the bride's bouquet, peony-lisanthus, strictly white, is often recommended. Completed by a lot of greenery, this combination has great success both for city weddings and for the simplest country weddings. Peonies are able to give a romantic accent in any context. But for the modern and young bride, even the calla is a current flower and widely used especially by stylists in their bridal fashion shows. Emblem of elegance and sobriety, the white calla for a bouquet, enriched with green leaves and white organza ribbons, is always a good choice.

Flowers june marriage: TROPICAL ACCENTS

Although the month of June suggests rather a country style wedding, due to the now pleasant climate, some brides do not want to give up organizing a more sophisticated wedding. In this case then we must opt ​​for tropical flowers: more refined, and therefore we must not forget it, even more expensive. The refined and even slightly snobbish orchids never go out of fashion but there are many other possibilities on the market.
Anthuriums, belonging to the family of aracee for example, are a classic for this type of wedding, for any type of decoration. Originating from the American continent and with a particular heart shape, in the language of flowers they are considered an emblem of hospitality and in nature they are available in various colors: pink, white, green and red. If for the bridal bouquet they can be used alone, for the centerpieces of the reception it could be an idea, to give an exotic touch, to combine the anthuriums with palm leaves or other flowers typical of the tropics: for example the sterlizia. For a simpler centerpiece instead, to the anthuriums you can add some branches of weeping willow.


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