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Question: thorns

what to do if you get point and the plug stays inside

Answer: thorns

Dear Annamaria,
thorns of succulents are often a problem; in general the "common" spines, the straight and thick ones, must be removed from the wounds, using a needle and tweezers, and then the wound is disinfected; certainly it is easier to extract a thorn from wet hands, with soft skin, so before "working" it is good to wash your hands for a long time, even leaving them for a few minutes to soak in warm water.
The most worrying spines, however, are those of opuntias, those that penetrate the tufted skin, of very small dimensions. The particularity of these spines is that of having a hooked apex. They are real tiny hooks, once they have penetrated the skin it is likely that any attempt to remove them will break them, leaving the apex embedded in the skin, and a strong and lasting sensation of itching.
To remove these annoying thorns it is advisable to wash the hands using oil; no matter what oil, you can also use the trivial seed oil. Just make the conchetta with your hand, fill it and sprinkle your hands well with oil, performing the same gestures you make when washing your hands.
So a nice soapy oil to remove the oil, and in general 99% of small hooks will be gone.