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Rot to the cactus

Rot to the cactus

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Question: cactus rot

I have a column cactus for 6 years, about 1.60 m, has been tilting for almost 1 month because at the base it has taken on a dark color and on one of the sides a rather dry cavity is forming. What can I do to heal it? Thanks

Answer: cactus rot

Dear Catherine,
unfortunately the cacti are not at home in Italy, and are therefore subject to diseases that would hardly affect them in their places of origin. In the case of your cactus it is probably a bacterial or fungal infection, which if left untreated can destroy the whole plant. Unfortunately, this type of problem is only one way, so it is impossible to recover the already sick part of the plant. You will then have to equip yourself with a nice sharp and disinfected knife, and a good bit of courage, and cut the cactus a few inches away from the now dark area. Make sure you reach a part of the stem that is completely healthy, without even a dark speck, and remove all the diseased part. If at the first cut you had to incise a part that is dark inside, before cutting higher, it disinfects the knife.
The part of completely healthy cactus should be dusted with a common fungicide and placed in a good fresh and healthy soil and rooted; it takes some time, and surely your plant will become much smaller than it is now, but if you leave it like this without doing anything, it is destined to die, because the disease will spread throughout the plant.