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Question: larch

Hi everyone ... I have a larch that I managed to take two years ago in the mountains. It caught on well but I wanted to have some advice on its pruning and care. I don't know how to put photos ...
bye thank you

Answer: larch

Dear Zamo,
the Larch certainly, like all conifers, is not a beginner's bonsai; since you took the plant in nature I advise you to leave it for a couple of years because it will acclimatize completely in your garden; in this period he tries to begin to set the crown and the root system, without however demanding too much from your plant. The larches do not produce a very large number of new branches every year, so before cutting, carefully decide the shape you want to give to the plant. The bare wood in winter, the color of the bark, all goes particularly well with leaving parts of dry wood to whiten or work.
Throughout the growing season, remember to pinch the shoots of new needles to reduce their size by shortening the shoots to about a couple of centimeters. Formazine pruning is done in autumn and winter, when the plant is devoid of leaves. These plants do not fear the cold, so they should be left outdoors all year round; in winter, when the frosts are intense, cover the vase with the woven fabric, to prevent the ground from freezing. From maro to October water regularly, during the cold months it prevents the soil from drying completely, but water only sporadically, on mild days.