Bonsai leaves

Bonsai leaves

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Question: bonsai leaves

Hello, I have cotognastro bonsai. Unfortunately he was not watered carefully and the land was very dry, I fear he is dying. Some leaves have become burnt brown and have fallen, those remaining green and small fall as soon as the overflow. What should I do to save all the plants? Finally: is it normal that there is a sticky liquid on the leaves? Thank you so much. Loredana

Answer: bonsai leaves

Gentile Loredana,
obviously it is good to run quickly for cover; It is necessary to prune the plant, shortening all the branches, and water it regularly, avoiding however to always keep the soil saturated with water. On the market you can find special fertilizers to be used in these cases, to stimulate the recovery of the plant. The sticky substance could be due to the presence of parasites, although in this case I do not think it is the case to worry about them; your plant is not said to recover, as water stress can be fatal for a bosai.