Do-it-yourself garden bench technology

Do-it-yourself garden bench technology

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A bench on any site is considered a decoration. Any owner of a suburban area will always find a place for such an element, be it a summer cottage, a cottage, a country house or a plot with a vegetable garden and garden.

Of course, now there is a wide range of similar products on the market, but it is always better to equip your life yourself.

Next, we will consider the most popular methods that you should rely on if you decide to build a bench for a summer residence with your own hands.

Country benches with their own hands

Budget bench - bench

There are situations when a bench is needed urgently. In this case, you will need several 5 x 5 cm planks. From them, put together 2 right-angled triangles, where the height of the bench will correspond to the long leg. Gently nail the boards to the short legs and you will get a wonderful budget bench with two legs on the edges.

Of course, the bench will not hold on two legs, therefore, you need to attach it to the wall of the house and fix the triangles on the support.

Features of building a gazebo for a summer residence with your own hands.

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Classic wooden bench for a summer residence

You will need several bars and two wide boards, the length of which will correspond to the length of the future shop.

  • Next, you need to fold the boards as a bench surface and draw a rectangle inside, the length and width of which will be twenty centimeters less.
  • Saw off the four bars from the four sides of the rectangle and screw the bars in with a screwdriver. Next, saw off 4 more bars, which will serve as the bench legs in the future.
  • Attach each leg to the ends of the bars, which form a rectangle. Two screws are used for each leg.

To prevent such a bench from falling apart under a cheerful company, saw off two more bars, the length of which will correspond to the length of the greater distance between the legs, and connect the legs in pairs with screws.

Heavy-duty do-it-yourself bench for a summer residence

For the bench, prepare two wide boards and saw them off to the length of the future bench.

  • Prepare a 6 x 3 cm block. Cut the edge of two of them at an angle of 30 degrees. Measure from the sharper edge of each bar a length that will correspond to 130 percent of the length of the future bench.
  • Saw at a 60-degree angle parallel to the cut on the other side. As a result, you will have several legs that form a solid shape when folded crosswise. In this case, the lower and upper edges should be parallel to the floor.
  • Fasten the structure with three screws and make a similar one for the second end of the bench.
  • Now fasten with screws two wide boards to the upper cuts of the figures so that the heads of the screws are on the surface of the bench.
  • This will create a bench that rests on two cross supports. To prevent the product from collapsing under an inclined load, fasten the two cross-legs with a bar or similar bar and fasten all with screws.
  • To make the bench not only strong, but also durable, cover the surface with two layers of drying oil. You can also use waterproof paint. Pay special attention to the processing of the ends.

Features of the construction of a greenhouse made of polycarbonate with your own hands.

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  • Wrap the ends of the legs in contact with the ground with half a millimeter thick stainless steel. Even improvised means can be used to bend it. To nail steel, use small nails and drill holes at least a centimeter deep.
  • If you are not too lazy to work with an ax and round off the legs, the bench can make a great rocking chair for children.

In general, in order to build an elementary bench for a summer residence with your own hands, you need to spend not so much time and effort, but the result will delight you and your guests for more than one year.

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