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Question: schlumbergera

Hi, I wanted to know what it meant to give the natalina or schlumbergera.

Answer: schlumbergera

Dear Sarah,
the symbolic meaning of flowers comes from tradition, it is therefore often difficult to give meaning to a plant that is not traditionally used, it is much easier to find the meaning of very common plants, such as roses or lilies.
The meaning of unusual plants must be extrapolated from the characteristics of the plant itself; in the case of the schlumbergera we consider first of all that it is a succulent, a plant therefore that over time has adapted to the adversities; then give a succulent, it takes on the meaning of considering the person to whom we give the gift a solid person and able to face adversities, or we intend to translate this concept to the relationship that binds us to the person who receives the gift. In addition to this, the schlumbergera is a plant that blooms at Christmas, during the winter solstice; therefore from this, as it happens for many of the plants that bloom in winter, the schlumbergera assumes the meaning of rebirth, renewal, passage from a bad period to a better one.