Tulips are delightful, colorful guests in the garden

Tulips are delightful, colorful guests in the garden

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Tulips - bulbous, perennial plant of the lily family. The fruit is a triangular capsule. Originally, this flower appeared in Persia.

Later it spread throughout Europe and won the status of the king of flowers in Holland. At one time it was equated to a monetary equivalent.

Tulip breeders made huge fortunes from the sale. The tulip was considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The first bulbs were brought to Russia at the beginning of the 17th century from Holland, gaining great popularity.

It's time for tulips

Flowering occurs in the spring months - March-May. It depends on the variety, weather conditions, planting site. In many cities, tulips are used to decorate public gardens and squares. Exhibitions are held where you can enjoy the variety of colors and shapes. Purchase your favorite rare specimen. Growing tulips is easy enough if you know the basics of planting and caring.

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Growing tulips

You need to start by purchasing high-quality planting material. The bulb must be firm, free from damage, signs of disease (uniform color, free of mold and stains). Before planting, they are etched in a manganese solution. Planting a diseased bulb can lead to a general infection.

The landing site is sunny or partial shade. Lack of drafts and stagnant water. In tulips, after flowering, the stem must not be cut off. For this reason, the plant must be positioned so that later ornamental crops cover the nondescript stems with foliage.

Planting is carried out in late September - early October in loose, fertile soil. Many gardeners practice planting bulbs in special containers. This protects against rodents and makes digging up easier. Planting daffodils also helps from pest damage.

The distance between the bulbs is 7-10 cm. Sand and humus are added to the planting holes (1: 1). The planting depth depends on the size. The layer of earth on the bulb is equal to two of its heights. For the winter, the soil can be mulched with peat.

In the spring, tulips need feeding and sufficient moisture. Watering begins two weeks before flowering. It should be abundant, since the roots of tulips are deep enough, but not more often than twice a week.

The culture is quite hygrophilous, but like many bulbous, it does not like stagnant water (possibly rotting, freezing). Top dressing must be done three times: when sprouts appear, before and after flowering.

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Caring for tulips after flowering

After flowering, the main growth and accumulation of nutrients in the bulb occurs, which determines the intensity of flowering in the next year.

Faded peduncles are cut off so that the forces of the plant are not directed to the formation of seeds. Only the peduncle is removed, the leaves are not touched.

The last feeding is made with complex fertilizer for bulbous crops.

In June-July, as soon as the aboveground part turns yellow and dries up, the plants are dug up. Leave to dry for two days, then sorted, rejecting diseased bulbs. They are laid out in boxes with good air permeability and stored in a dry, ventilated room.

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Forcing tulips

Tulips are used to decorate not only gardens and parks. They are also grown at home. How can you achieve flowering at home by March 8? For this, healthy bulbs weighing at least 20-25 g are selected. Bulbs are planted in a container with a drainage layer and fertile, loose soil at a distance of 7-10 cm. They are placed in a cold place without access to light (basement, refrigerator).

The optimum temperature in the first month should be 5-9 °, in the next - 0 - 2 °. Three weeks before the desired flowering, the container is placed in a bright room at a temperature of 16-20 °. Fertilizing after the emergence of sprouts. It is advisable to illuminate with a fluorescent lamp so that blind buds do not appear.

You can do without backlighting if you put the planter on the south window. The earth must be constantly moist. The plant is located away from heating appliances.

For long-term flowering, you can spray the plant, avoiding getting water on the flower. If flowering begins earlier, the peduncles are cut off at the stage of staining the buds, placed in melt water and placed in a dark, cool room.

In this state, tulips can be stored for several weeks. A cache-pot with blooming tulips is a wonderful gift for a holiday.

Tulips are perfect for decorating any garden. They will delight with their bright colors. A variety of varieties will help you choose just such a collection that will perfectly combine with the surrounding landscape and plants. With their flowering, real spring comes to the garden.

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