Ilex Crenata

Ilex Crenata

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Question: Ilex Crenata

Hi, I have been given an Ilex Crenata of about 15-16 years or at least so there is written on the label about a week ago, the plant is about 15 cm high and is well formed and beautifully thick, the ground is covered by a pò di muschio, I read on some online sites that it is a very resistant plant both to the cold and to the sun, for now I have put it out, I would like to have qlc more information about irrigation, possible fertilization / pruning and or repotting.
I searched on the cards but I found no correspondence! thanks for the answers

Answer: Ilex Crenata

Dear Alex,
as you said you the bonsai ilex is well resistant to frost, in any case I advise you to keep it in a sunny area in winter, and if the vase is very small, cover it with non-woven fabric, so as to avoid the whole earth being exposed to frost, with obvious danger to the roots. It is a beautiful hardy plant, with minute foliage, so it does not need special care. It is repotted at the end of winter, every 2-3 years, with cutting of the redici; in spring it is fertilized with a special bonsai product, and for the entire growing season the shoots are cut. The waterings are regular, from marso to October; in the cold season it waters sporadically, avoiding to leave the soil completely dry for long periods of time, especially if the climate is mild.