Bulbs in the mountains

Bulbs in the mountains

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Question: bulbs in the mountains

I wanted to know if tulip and hyacinth bulbs can be planted in the mountains (1500 m) in winter it also makes -20 ... I don't think it's the right time? when should it be done?

Answer: bulbs in the mountains

Dear Luca,
generally hyacinths and tulips are very cold resistant bulbs; if however you live the frost is very intense and continuous you should try to see its rusticity. Try planting some of your bulbs in winter, the others will plant them at the end of winter, so as not to lose all the bloom. If those planted in winter do not sprout in spring, then it will be necessary to eradicate all your bulbs at the end of the vegetative period to keep them in a sheltered place.
Generally it is difficult for these bulbs to freeze, especially if you adopt the trick of planting them a little deeper than what is recommended, then at about 10-15 cm of depth, then mulching the soil with straw or dry leaves; in this way it should be difficult for the frost to reach your bulbous plants.