Universal potato variety Gala: yield, unpretentiousness, long storage

Universal potato variety Gala: yield, unpretentiousness, long storage

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Potatoes have long and firmly taken the place of "second bread". Not a single modern family in many countries of the world can do without this tuber.

In the presence of a summer cottage or a personal plot, many try to grow homemade potatoes.

It is not surprising, because it has the best, in comparison with the purchased, taste, is not processed with harmful agents to enhance growth. Moreover, there are many suitable varieties for this.

When choosing a variety for planting, everyone is guided by their own criteria. But most often the decisive factors are yield, simple agricultural technology and unpretentious care, resistance to diseases and pests, good keeping quality.

All these advantages are possessed by Gala potatoes..

Variety nameGala
Ripening period75-80 days
Starch content14-16%
Mass of marketable tubers100-140 gr
The number of tubers in the bushup to 25
Yieldup to 700 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood taste, remains moderately firm and hardly changes color after cooking
Keeping quality85-90%
Peel coloryellow
Pulp coloryellow
Preferred growing regionsthroughout Russia, any soil
Disease resistanceprone to damage by rhizoctonia
Growing featuresreacts well to watering and feeding, 10-12 days before harvesting, the tops should be cut off, this will increase the shelf life of the tubers
OriginatorNORIKA GMBH (Germany)

Breeding features

Potatoes are native to the South of America. In our area, they began to actively grow from about the middle of the 19th century. Over the history of breeding, more than 11 thousand varieties of potatoes have been bred.

The Gala variety was bred by German breeders as universal for growing in any soil and weather conditions... That is, potatoes of this variety can be grown in any region.

In addition, the variety has improved yields, good resistance to most diseases and an average ripening period. Read about how to properly grow early potato varieties here.

Attention. The main advantage of the Gala variety is its significant yield. So from one bush you can get up to 25 units of potatoes, on average 10-15 units, or up to 700 centners per hectare.

The table below provides information on the yield of other mid-early varieties:

Variety nameYield
GalaFrom 1 hectare, you can collect 700 centners.
Black PrinceAbout 100 centners can be harvested from 1 hectare.
NevskyFrom 1 hectare receive from 400 to 600 centners.
The dark womanHarvested about 480 centners per hectare.
RamosFrom 1 hectare, you can collect from 370 to 420 centners.
TaisiyaFrom 1 hectare harvested from 430 centners.
Rodrigo450 centners per hectare.
Caprice350 - 600 centners per hectare.
Red FantasyYou can collect from 180 to 320 centners per hectare.
Svitanok Kiev200-300 centners per hectare.
GourmetOn average, 400 centners per hectare.

Gala potatoes are varieties with an average ripening period of tubers.

If you require varieties that ripen earlier or later, we invite you to familiarize yourself with their characteristics in the relevant sections of the site. We present to your attention super-early and late-ripening varieties of potatoes.

Gala potato variety: description and photo

Gala potatoes are classified as medium early varieties; full ripening occurs in 65 ㅡ 80 days.

The tubers are mostly smooth, oval, with few eyes. The peel is yellow, inside the tuber is also yellow. Average weight of one tuber 70 ㅡ 120 grams.

Bright photo gallery of Gala potatoes:

This potato is table... It tastes great. During cooking, it does not crumble and does not change color. The tubers contain a small amount of starch (12 ㅡ 14%) and a high content of carotene.

Due to the correct shape and a small amount of damage, Gala potatoes are suitable for mechanical cleaning. Gala tubers are resistant to mechanical damage... This facilitates transportation and makes mechanized harvesting possible.

The table below presents data on other medium early varieties for comparison:

Variety nameWeight of marketable tubers (grams)Keeping quality
Queen anne80-15092%
Pretty boy90-16597%

Growing and storage

The cultivation technique for this variety is simple. The planting material is selected in a small size. For better germination, the seeds are warmed up in the sun> 2-3 days before planting. The optimum planting depth is 10-15 cm, and the distance between the holes is about 75 cm. The development of the root system is facilitated by the ground covering of young shoots.

High yields are achieved through abundant watering... But the type of soil can be any. It is useful to apply fertilizers. For a good result, it is enough to feed the potatoes during the second hilling, you can also fertilize the soil when planting.

Usually, after planting, seedlings appear almost simultaneously. The tops do not grow much. Bushes of medium height with semi-erect stems. It is useful to treat seed potatoes with special solutions against pests and to improve growth.

There are many ways to grow potatoes. We have prepared for you many interesting articles about Dutch technologies, growing potatoes in bags and barrels.

Important. The tops should be removed 10 to 12 days before the start of the harvest. This will increase the shelf life of the tubers.

Gala variety keeps well in winter... Up to 90% of root crops, with the right choice of place and the creation of certain conditions, are stored until spring.

Diseases and pests

Gala potatoes are quite resistant to many diseases and defeat by the Colorado potato beetle. Low susceptibility to cancer, scab, fusarium, verticilliosis, alternaria.

The most vulnerable to damage by rhizoctonia. This is a fungal disease that affects the lower part of the stem and roots. It is best to follow preventive measures to combat the disease. That is, periodically treat the stems with special preparations.

It is also worth checking the potato bushes regularly for twisted leaves. The curl is caused by a virus. The tubers of the affected bush can be eaten, but should not be used as seeds so as not to spread the virus.

Sometimes late blight occurs in potatoes. It is also best to prophylactically treat with special means.

Spraying with fungicides, herbicides and insecticides will help if problems arise.

Gala potatoes are suitable for growing in any soil. Produces a good, plentiful harvest... Possesses excellent taste characteristics.

The variety is resistant to many diseases. Easy to care for and suitable for growing both on an industrial scale and in summer cottages. It will delight you with early ripening and long shelf life.

The most effective drugs are:

  • Aktara.
  • Regent.
  • Corado.
  • Prestige.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with other potato varieties that have different ripening periods:

Early ripeMid-seasonLate ripening
ElmundoPurple HazeCardinal
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