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Small greenhouses are great alternative to massive and expensive greenhouses, for which it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable place in small summer cottages.
Small greenhouses easy to install, mobile, have relatively low cost. Thanks to these qualities, they are becoming increasingly popular among gardeners.

One of the most convenient to use and at the same time reliable is the greenhouse "Innovator".

"Novator - Maxi"

It was created at the request of the owners of small plots who are unable to install such a bulky structure as a stationary greenhouse on them. With all the protective properties of a greenhouse, a greenhouse "Novator - Maxi" is easy to install, easily moves to a new location.

At the same time, it can accommodate quite a large number of plants... If you purchase several copies of this design, then each of them can be used for a specific type of vegetables or for growing seedlings.

Perfectly fit these models for growing all heat-loving crops; tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants.

The advantages of the model are:

  1. Ease of construction.
  2. Possibility of installation without the use of special tools.
  3. High structural strength.
  4. Compactness.
  5. Convenience in plant care, thanks to the design of the lid.
  6. Stability.

Frame made of metal profile 20X20, with polymer powder coating with high resistance to environmental influences. Base the greenhouse is mounted in just 1 hour, all the parts necessary for assembly are included in the delivery set.

The double-sided cover is one of the main advantages of the model. This opening method is especially convenient for plant maintenance. The spherical design of the coating contributes to scattering the sun's rays, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of plants. Moreover, such a form ensures good rolling of water streams in the rain.

Greenhouse "Novator - Maxi" has the following dimensions:

  • width - 1.1 m.
  • length - 2.1 m.
  • height - 1.2 m.

The greenhouse top cover is offered in two options: polycarbonate or Agrotex 60.

For installation, the kit includes fixing pegs, without preliminary installation of the foundation.

"Novator - Mini"

It differs from the previous model in lower height (0.8 m), therefore it is more suitable for growing seedlings or low-growing vegetables... Also "Novator - Mini" - ideal design for growing cucumbers... The depth and length of this model is the same as that of the Maxi model.

Due to its low height, the interior of this model warms up quickly when the first warm and sunny days come.

This greenhouse is ideal for growing seedlings.

In addition, the Novator-Mini greenhouse has a hinged lid. The model is light (20 kg), disassembled, it can be transported in a car.

When small frost it can be easily covered with an extra cover to protect the planted seedlings from the cold.

Frame made of metal profile powder coated or unpainted galvanized pipes. The cover is made of polycarbonate. The kit includes all the fittings necessary for assembly, so the greenhouse is easy to install.

The whole set consists of 8 pipes, 4 pegs for installation, a set of screws, handles. For ease of assembly, detailed factory instructions are attached.

Greenhouse assembly secrets

The assembly starts with mounting base... The metal profile is connected with self-tapping screws. The side arches are connected and sheathed with polycarbonate. Then they are joined by crossbeams: two lower and one upper in the central part of the greenhouse.

Then produced cover assembly(or two covers for the Maxi model). Ready-made lids sheathed with polycarbonate sheets are mounted on special fasteners at the base of the greenhouse. The pegs supplied are screwed to the base.

Some questions about correct assembly:

  1. The main difficulty of assembly is incorrect assembly of the side braces... If you confuse the side and top jumpers, the dimensions of the cover and base will not match. There are short jumpers for the base, and long ones for the cover. Each jumper consists of two parts, having connected them, you need to compare the length and check if the holes match. A divergence of more than 4 mm will cause the roof to skew and not fit snugly.
  2. Pegs to fix the greenhouse in the ground, it is necessary set strictly according to level, otherwise the whole structure will be skewed, and the lid will not close.
  3. Do not try to fit the lid tightly. Gaps of 2-5 centimeters foreseen for ventilation internal space.
  4. ADVICE. For a long service life of the greenhouse in winter time keep the lid closed. Remove snow from the surface regularly.

    Greenhouses "Novator" will become your reliable assistants when growing various garden crops on your site and, if properly operated, will serve you for many years.

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