To say I love you

To say I love you

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Question: to say I love you

Which flowers should I give to an important person to tell her that I love her so much?

Answer: to say I love you

Dear Annarita,
in fact there is not a single flower that indicates affection, but there are many flowers that indicate love and great esteem for a person; roses are typically given, which in shades of pink and white indicate a sort of non-carnal love; even tulips are flowers to give to people you love, as well as camellias; ivy indicates a desire to spend eternity together, it is a symbol of a very strong bond; the honeysuckle, on the other hand, is the flower of intense friendship.
Perhaps it is the case to "sum" some concepts, preparing a bunch of camellias, honeysuckle and ivy, in muted tones, because often in flowers the color is more intense and stronger is the meaning of the message that you want to send, therefore a bunch of fiery red flowers means passionate, uncontrolled love and burning passion; the same flowers in a rosé bouquet indicate affection, friendship. Avoid the yellow, which despite its joyful and sunny appearance, is often associated with not entirely positive feelings.