Lightweight, compact and durable greenhouse "Agronom"

Lightweight, compact and durable greenhouse

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The use of the greenhouse model "Agronomist" can be considered one of the the most optimal solutions in terms of efficiency and ease of use, as well as simplicity and reliability of the design.

These factors, combined with the use of modern materials, distinguish it in the line of classic greenhouses and make it possible get decent results when growing seedlings in the open field.

In the spring, when significant changes in temperature and humidity can easily destroy hard-grown seedlings, the Agronom greenhouse allows maintain a favorable microenvironment much better than any available tools commonly used by gardeners.

Description of the greenhouse "Agronom"

The greenhouse design is frame made of modern polymer materialto which the covering material is already attached.

This technical solution makes Agronom a ready-to-use product, not requiring when installing and using any special skills and technical knowledge.

Enough open the package and the product is ready to use. The arches of the frame curved in the form of arches do not imply the use of a base, so the greenhouse can be installed without any preparatory actions anywhere in the summer cottage.

The end pieces of the covering material are used as braces, which also simplifies the design.

The length of the greenhouse, depending on the number of arches included in the kit, can be 4, 6 or 8 meters, the width of the greenhouse is sufficient to create two or three beds and is about 1.2 m.

The height can vary from 0.7 to 0.9 m depending on the assembly conditions. Wherein product weight is minimal... So, a greenhouse 4 m long weighs only 2 kg.

Greenhouse "Agronom" can be used to shelter any berries, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants from adverse environmental conditions.

Let us consider in more detail the materials from which the greenhouse is made.

A photo

Photo gallery with the greenhouse "Agronom":


The arches of the frame are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes with a diameter of 20 mm. This material has sufficient rigidity and, at the same time, allows within certain limits to adjust the height and width of the structure.

At the ends of the pipes, pegs with a length of 200 mm, also made of PVC, are fixed. With their help, the "Agronomist" is securely attached to the ground.

The kit can also include plastic clips that allow, if necessary, to fix the covering material on the arcs in a raised position. However, the same function is easy do clothespins suitable size.

Important: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is an absolutely environmentally friendly material that does not emit any harmful substances into the environment. It has been used for many years, including in the food industry (for example, in the manufacture of tableware).


The fabric "Agrotex 42" is used as a covering material in the greenhouse. Unlike traditional polyethylene film, this material has a number of unique properties - it moisture and breathable, allows you to protect seedlings from sudden temperature fluctuations.

These properties make it possible to create a microclimate favorable for plants.The width of the cover panel is 2.1 m, which with a margin allows you to overlap the frame of the greenhouse "Agronomist".

The length varies depending on the length of the product, the ends of the panel are pressed against the ground during installation, which gives the structure stability. The method of fastening the cover to the arcs allows it is easy for the material to move along the arches, which makes it easier to work with plants during weeding or watering.

Reference: "Agrotex 42" 42-50 microns is a heat-insulating non-woven fabric of Russian production with protection from ultraviolet radiation. Its durability allows the greenhouse to be used for several seasons.

Main advantages:

  • Lightness, compactness and durability combined with low cost;
  • Can be installed anywhere without using a base and with minimal effort;
  • Increase in yield by 50% compared to growing in the open field;
  • Stable protection against adverse environmental influences (frosts down to -5 ° C, maintaining optimal humidity, protection from pests and small animals);

Based on all that has been said, we can conclude that the Agronom greenhouse belongs to high-tech modern industrial products, which can greatly facilitate the work of the gardener and significantly increase productivity.


An interesting video about how easily the construction of the Agronom greenhouse is assembled:

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