Defeat cockroaches! Remedies for cockroaches "Mashenka"

Defeat cockroaches! Remedies for cockroaches

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Cockroaches are faithful companions of man. As soon as a person settles in, he will establish a household with a kitchen, like a cockroach right there.

A person has no choice but to deal with an uninvited guest.

What did he not come up with!

And the cockroaches are still loyal to him.

All means are good

Modern manufacturers today have more or less decided on the forms of the poison of the red scourge:

  • gels;
  • aerosols;
  • trap houses, glue traps;
  • powders;
  • crayons.

Enemy number 1 - chalk "Mashenka"

Consider "Masha", as the main representative of the cockroach enemy. Crayons with this name appeared in the early 90s and became instantly popular. And the point here is not only that there were a lot of cockroaches then (there are still enough of them). And not that "Mashenka" - its own, Russian. It's just that it is still very convenient and easy to use, and most importantly, it takes inexpensively for its work - around 30 rubles.

Arranged "Mashenka" very simple. The chalk contains only two main components - a poisonous substance and chalk and gypsum, harmless in everyday life. By the way, poisonous chloropyphos just a little bit in the crayon - 0.5% of 20 gram pack... Everything else is a mixture of plaster and chalk.

Chalk is needed to be seen when drawing - you have to justify the name. AND gypsum cements the blood vessels of its victims, and they are bent from this even more efficiently.

Chloropyphos is strong in that it acts in two cases at once - contact, that is, it is enough for a cockroach to crawl along the drawn strip in order to pick up the infection and then bring it to the nest on its paws.

Intestinal - in the nest, the cockroach will begin to put itself in order, wash its paws. As a result, his death from the nerve effect is inevitable.

Today at "Mashenki" a lot of all kindred relatives were formed. For example, you can find "Mashenka Silver"... This is a more complex person - three-component - and can also fight with ants, fleas, flies and bedbugs.

The method of application is the same for all crayons. - take it out of the package and start driving, drawing.

How to draw

There are three basic rules:

  1. The line must be continuous... Otherwise, in the place where your hand trembled, the cockroach will find a loophole and run away, safe and sound.
  2. Damn not anywhere, and along the paths of cockroaches, along their paths, roads, such as: skirting boards, ceiling seams, back walls of kitchen drawers, thresholds, ventilation grilles.
  3. Draw a bold line (at least two centimeters thick) so that the poisonous substance is enough to show its power.

The manufacturers promise that a pencil weighing 20 g is enough for 20-30 square meters of apartment space.

Relax and enjoy the result of killing power "Mashenki" you can take a week, although manufacturers sometimes promise twice as long.


  • Wear rubber gloves. If there are no such at hand, but you need to process it urgently, wrap the chalk in its own plastic wrap, like candy in a wrapper. After handling, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Keep kids and pets safe. Draw so that cockroaches have access, but no pet.

The advantages of chalk are his barrier properties.

Enemy number 2 - universal aerosol "Mashenka"

Chalk manufacturers "Mashenka" to such an extent were struck by its consumer popularity that they expanded the line of insecticidal agents, judging sensibly that attacks on cockroach misfortunes should be applied from different sides. This is how the aerosol appeared "Mashenka", produced in convenient packaging - in cans of 180 cc.

Aerosols, as a rule, in their composition contain nerve agents... According to the ideas of the manufacturers, the cockroach inhales them, and paralysis and suffocation occurs - the cockroach would like to breathe, but it cannot, it does not work out for him. This is the exceptional efficiency of Mashenka aerosol.

As the name suggests, the aerosol isn't just for cockroaches. It is still contraindicated. flies, moths, mosquitoes, fleas, ants and bedbugs.

Aerosol advantage

  • Them it is convenient not only to kill, but also to scare away... And not only crawling, but also flying insects.
  • Leaves no residue on the treated surface as opposed to crayon.
  • Specifically aerosol "Mashenka" does not have a pungent smell and has a longer lasting effect of residual action in comparison with analogues - 28 days after application.

And all this at a price from 80 rubles for a can.

Precautions: when handling close windows and doors (you don't kill cockroaches on the street, but indoors) and remove household members (you don't kill them). It will be possible to return to the premises not earlier than in an hour.... And you will have to immediately open the window so that the remnants of the smell go away.

Enemy number 3 - glue trap "Mashenka"

Produced in carton packs of 20g. These are such substrates smeared with an adhesive.

Traps have several advantages:

  • Convenient to use... There is no need to draw anything, climb behind the lockers, climb to the ventilation grilles. It is not necessary to expel everyone from the room and spray from the aerosol, then ventilate the room.
  • Odorless.
  • Safe for pets and humanssince do not contain toxic substances.
  • Long-lasting remedy - three months.

And all the pleasure is worth within 40 rubles per package.

Summarize. If you have a lot of cockroaches and you are sure that your neighbors also have them, then crayon with its barrier properties will help you. The very next day after application, you will see the effect.

If you need an instant effect and you don't have time to draw with small pieces, it's hard to think of something better than an aerosol.

If you are too lazy to draw and sprinkle, then a trap is your option. But do not skimp, put several pieces at once.

We also offer you to familiarize yourself with other remedies for cockroaches: Dohlox, Executioner, Regent, Karbofos, Fas, Globol, Forsyth, Raptor, Get, Kombat, Cucaracha, Raid, Clean House.

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