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Create seedlings

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Question: create seedlings

maybe a little silly, but since I have a fence to do of 200/300 plants, I wanted to try with the pruning cuts that are made of already beautiful hedges and make new plants to be planted. I tried both to plant a branch directly on the ground both to keep it in the water to make roots. What is the trick ... thanks for any suggestions ...

Answer: create seedlings

Dear Stefano,
the cuttings method makes it possible to produce many plants quite quickly, although in fact it is good to prepare cuttings up to a maximum of 10-12 centimeters, and therefore the preparation of the hedge depends completely on the plant chosen: if the development is very rapid we will see tall plants about 50 centimeters over a couple of years. If you are not in a hurry to see the full, wide and compact hedge immediately, the cuttings are for you.
That being said, many hedge shrubs root easily and it is therefore easy to prepare cuttings with them. The cuttings can be made with young shoots, recently developed, still green, and are called semi-woody cuttings. The semi-woody cuttings are usually prepared in spring, when the plants are in full bloom. Otherwise it is possible to prepare woody cuttings, with the tips of the branches taken in late summer or early autumn. The branch portions should be taken preferably from the most luxuriant and well developed branches, choosing the tips that have not produced flowers or fruits. The tips are cut and divided into portions about 10-12 cm long, all the leaves are cut, excluding one or two leaves at the apex of the cutting, the cuttings are immersed in the rooting hormone (readily available in the nursery) and then they keep the cuttings in a fresh and always moist soil, in a partially shady and not cold place, until they begin to sprout. When the shoots are well developed, place the cuttings in a single vase and treat them as if they were small shrubs.