Effective ways to get rid of home cockroaches in an apartment at home

Effective ways to get rid of home cockroaches in an apartment at home

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There is no universal means of exterminating cockroaches. This is due to their amazing vitality and ability to adapt to any adverse conditions.

However, humanity has been fighting these uninvited guests from time immemorial and has accumulated enough funds and methods to exterminate them.

Therefore, today we will try to tell you how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment once and for all. Is this even possible? What are the most effective ways to control cockroaches? How to deal with them in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the rooms.

Cockroaches in the apartment: where do they come from and why do they breed?

Cockroaches as neighbors are very unpleasant. The discomfort that they bring with their appearance is not the worst thing. Insects are carriers of various viruses and diseases that pose a danger to humans. Therefore, you need to try not only to drive them out at the first appearance, but also to prevent further reproduction.

To begin with, you should try to find out where the uninvited guests came from. If they have moved from neighboring apartments, then it will be impossible to erase them forever only within your home.

In this case, you need to take joint actions with neighbors, poison cockroaches at the same time in all neighboring apartments, and ideally in the whole house, in order to completely lime it.

If the source of infection was the street, and you brought large cockroaches along with some box or things, it is advisable to process all the rooms and the entire adjacent territory.

Cockroach can get into the apartment with purchases from the store, and with things brought from a tourist trip, and even arrive in a parcel.

Most often, red cockroaches breed in houses, however, you can find both black and albinos. Even one specimen accidentally brought into the house can lead to the fact that after a while the population grows to incredible numbers. Their life cycle is such that the population can grow exponentially.

The following conditions contribute to the breeding of cockroaches:

  • Constant access to food sources.

    Dirty dishes, a bucket full of waste, food leftovers on the stove - all these serve as food for cockroaches. Moreover, they begin to eat actively at night, therefore, the habit of leaving a dirty kitchen at night contributes to their excellent health.

  • Access to water.

    The only thing "Stasiks" cannot do without for a long time is water. All sources of liquid in the home must be shut off. Leaking taps, condensation in the bathroom, even watering flowers can become a source of drinking for insects. Therefore, your task is to dry all objects as much as possible so that the cockroaches have nothing to drink.

  • Favorable temperature.

    Apartments have many nooks and crannies where insects feel comfortable. At the same time, they can enter the house through cracks, ventilation, through pipes. That is why it is important to carefully seal all the cracks in the apartment - under the baseboards and in other places, and close the ventilation openings with a fine mesh.

Reproduction prevention

When insects appear in the house, no matter what kind, you need to immediately begin to fight them. First of all, you need to do a thorough wet cleaning and eliminate all possible sources of insect food.

The main places of deployment of cockroaches in the apartment are the kitchen and the bathroom. Therefore, special measures must be taken there.

In the kitchen

Kitchen - most favorite habitat these insects. Here they can quickly grow from very small to large sizes, because this room has everything they need - food and water.

Especially contributes to an increase in their number of unsanitary conditions. As a result, you observe how small "neighbors" drive in whole groups.

Unwashed plates, crumbs on the floor and table, uncovered food. Therefore, if you want to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen, first of all, put the perfect order.

Highlights of control and prevention:

  • Keep the room tidy. Sweep and mop the floor daily so that no food remains on the floor. Moreover, the floor must be washed, preferably with a disinfectant, since even a greasy film on it will become a source of food for cockroaches.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes overnight.
  • Store food in an insect-free container.
  • Dispose of your trash daily. Don't leave the trash can full overnight.
  • In the evening, turn on the tap and wipe the sink dry to keep cockroaches out of water.

Cockroaches in the bathroom, what to do?

If red cockroaches are more often permanent residents in the kitchen, then the bathroom is a favorite place for blacks, namely, pipes under the bathroom and sink, places near heating pipes.

To prevent their reproduction, you need to regularly do the following:

  • Ventilate the bathroom to prevent moisture build-up on various surfaces.
  • Wipe the floor thoroughly after washing or water treatment.
  • Clean with disinfectants, especially in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Make sure that no soggy bars of soap remain on the shelves, as they will surely become a source of food for cockroaches.
  • All bathroom taps must be in good working order so that dripping water does not support the life of insects.

Next, let's talk about what and how to get cockroaches out of the apartment forever at home.

How to get rid of domestic cockroaches in an apartment at home?

After putting things in order in the house, it's time to poison the insects. A lot of means have now been invented for their destruction.


  1. Aerosols and sprays.

    Spraying is carried out in places where cockroaches are supposed to nest. Their use is effective in the evening..

    After treatment, the room must be left for a day, and after the exposure time has elapsed, thoroughly ventilate the room. The most popular and effective are cockroach sprays Kombat, Dichlorvos, Mikrofos, Raptor, Reid.

    IMPORTANT! When spraying drugs, it is advisable to protect the respiratory tract.

  2. Powders.

    Used for sprinkling places where insect nests are supposed to be located. Effectively sprinkle skirting boards... The most popular brands of powders are Fenaxin, Pyrethrum, Fenax, Fas. A variant of powders are poisons in the form of crayons. The most famous chalk is Mashenka.

  3. Gels.

    Are used with severe contamination of the room, when there are already too many cockroaches, since the concentration of toxic substances in them is maximum. It is applied in a drop-like manner in places where individuals congregate: along baseboards or near cracks through which insects crawl.

    In addition to the poisonous substance, the gel contains a bait. The cockroach, having consumed the poison, dies in a few hours. Then he becomes a source of food for congeners, who also die from the poison remaining in his tissues. The best reviews were deserved by gels Raptor, Global, Clean House, Dohloks, Absolute, Combat, Regent.

  4. Liquid concentrated solutions.

    Very effective products that are diluted with water and sprayed with a spray gun in places where insects accumulate. The most popular are the Executioner, Karbofos, Forsyth, Get, Cucaracha.

  5. Scarers.

    Ultrasonic and magnetic resonance devices, easy to use and safe for health.

It is difficult to say which method of getting rid of cockroaches will be the best; professionals advise using several different methods of struggle in parallel. For example, temperature exposure and chemical insecticides. It is worth noting that manufacturers are constantly improving their insect repellents trying to make them more effective, especially since cockroaches quickly adapt to poisons.

Folk remedies

There are several popular recipes for making poison baits yourself:

  • Boric acid based.

    Boric acid is mixed with egg yolk and laid out in the form of balls in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet. Such a poison acts for two to four weeks, gradually killing more and more new specimens.

  • Borax (sodium salt).

    Borax is mixed with starch, vanilla sugar and powdered sugar. Add water to the mixture until the consistency of a paste. Borax can be mixed with mashed potatoes and eggs, and spread out into balls.

  • Arsenic based.

    It is mixed with powdered sugar and scattered over baseboards and around crevices. After a few days, the floor must be washed.

IMPORTANT! Use these baits with caution if there are children and pets in the house. They can eat the poison, which will lead to unpleasant consequences.

Boric acid based product video recipe:


You can purchase them from the store and make your own. The use of traps is effective in preventing insect breeding, especially when you know that they live in neighboring apartments.

  1. Electric traps.

    They are a metal box in which the bait is placed. The cockroach is killed by a high voltage current. The trap must be periodically cleaned and the bait renewed. Electric traps are absolutely safe for humans and animals, they are durable - this is their advantage.

    ATTENTION! Locate traps in a dry place out of the reach of children.

  2. Poison traps.

    Plastic boxes with bait inside. Cockroaches penetrate it, then carry the poison on their paws and infect other individuals. Thanks to the adhesive tape on the back, poison traps can be attached anywhere. The result of their action occurs in 10-15 days. Popular brands of poison traps are Taiga, Raptor, Brownie, Clean House.

You can make traps with your own hands, for example, in the following ways:

  • A small jar along the inner edge is greased with vegetable oil, and beer is poured at the bottom. Alternatively, you can spread the bottom with condensed milk or honey. The effect is that cockroaches, having climbed into the bank, they cannot get out.
  • The adhesive tape is attached to the cardboard with the sticky side up. Drop honey in the middle of the tape to attract insects. The cockroaches will stick to the tape when they come to eat the honey.

Video instruction on how to make a sticky trap:

Professional exterminators

If your apartment building has been attacked by cockroaches, it will be difficult to drive them away without the help of specialists. They know exactly how to destroy cockroaches in an apartment forever.

Simultaneous treatment of several apartments by pest control firms, helps to get rid of pests of all types quickly and efficiently.

With the help of special equipment and powerful chemicals, specially trained people will save you from the problem quickly and efficiently, and most importantly - forever.

IMPORTANT! With a certain high cost of services, professional pest control is the most reliable way to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment at home quickly and, most importantly, effectively.

The proximity to cockroaches is dangerous to human health, bites and infections carried by them are not a myth, so the fight must be taken seriously. Using various methods of struggle, you will protect your home from intruders and over time the cockroaches will disappear altogether. And how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment forever at home, we have described in detail in this article.

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