February 2012

February 2012

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23-25 ​​February 2012 Puglia

Florbusiness IV open day of Agriculture in Puglia
The event is of a professional nature, the invitation is addressed only to sector operators (Garden Center and Wholesalers) upon registration on our site or by fax)
Affiliated hotels:
Hotel Pineta - Ruvo di Puglia (BA)
Nicotel-Corato (BA) E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel: 0802047982
Fax: 0809995134
[email protected]

15-17 February 2012 Verona

FLORSHOW: is the business appointment dedicated to the business world that aims to present the best nursery gardening productions to commercial operators in the "green" sector.
Three days of direct contacts, professional relationships and commercial transactions in a project strongly shared by the business world, to better manage the market opportunity in relation to the spring season.
FLORSHOW is not a "fair" but a platform for commercial bargaining reserved above all for economic operators in the sector of production and marketing of the finished green product but also for all the related activities related to gardening and the management of outdoor spaces.
The innovative formula, the accessibility of the new site, the organizational experience and the close sharing of management strategies with the business world are the development ingredients that make this new appointment not to be missed on the Italian market.
FLORSHOW 2012 is the synthesis of an original proposal that responds to the current need of the company to adequately deal with the evolution of the sector on the European market and which, at the same time, combines both the need to manage time rationally and the response to the commercial requests of its customers, without neglecting the quality of interpersonal relationships: direct contact, a geographically strategic area and a simpler but more dynamic management characterize the efficiency and convenience formula of this new specialized appointment. The world of nursery gardening is at FLORSHOW 2012 from 15 to 17 February 2012.