Apartment plants

Jobs of the month in apartment January

Jobs of the month in apartment January

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Jobs of the month in apartment January

In the month of January it is not recommended to intervene on our plants massively, since the few hours of light bring the plants to a period of semi-dormancy.
As works of the month for apartment plants it is advisable to fertilize the plants with a fertilizer for green plants, rich in nitrogen, to avoid the onset of nutritional stress, at least every 20-30 days.
In any case it is always good to remember to water the plants regularly, avoiding excesses and water stagnation; to increase the environmental humidity, lowered by domestic heating systems, it is good to remember to vaporize the leaves of our plants with water, possibly demineralized, to prevent it from leaving traces of limestone. If they get dirty, the leaves of indoor plants can be cleaned with water and milk.

Care houseplants in January

Speaking of the various jobs that can be carried out during the winter for what concerns the houseplants, we remind to place the plants in a luminous position and away from heat sources (eg radiators, stoves, ...). Some plants also adapt to less luminous positions. Among these we mention the philodendrons, the maranta, the small trunk of happiness, the asparagin. As a general rule, remember to keep our plants in places with fairly constant temperatures, away from doors and windows that we open frequently, in fact some, such as ficus, fear very much the temperature changes, which cause a sudden defoliation.
It is good to find a location where plants are not subject to temperature changes, as these can lead to serious problems, especially for those varieties that are used to growing at high temperatures.

Plants Terrace and balcony

In coincidence with the winter rest period of the plants and in January we can arrange pots and containers for spring. In this regard, we recommend cleaning and disinfecting jars and boxes with water and bleach or copper-based fungicides to prevent the formation of fungus or mold. If we have a greenhouse covered with a sheet, remember to aerate it during the hot hours of the day, to avoid the formation of condensation. It would always be better, however, to make holes, also in order to allow the plants to breathe, naturally taking care not to make openings that are too large and that could create cold currents that are dangerous for your plants.
With these operations it will be much simpler to arrange your own flowers and plants at the vegetative restart, having prepared the necessary for time.

Balconies and terraces in winter

We also remember that it is very important to cover the plants that are planted in pots on the balcony or terrace with pine bark, straw, leaves, or non-woven fabric, to prevent the soil from getting too cold, ruining the roots. Of course this phase must be performed before the month of January, but it is important to check that the coverage is still at its best.
In order not to leave the terrace completely devoid of plants you can plant violets, cyclamens for outdoors or heather. For this purpose it may be useful to use trellises or plastic sheets, which can be purchased in specialized shops or even in some supermarkets, with which to create small sheltered areas.
You can also create small iron or wooden structures or buy mini plastic greenhouses that are easily available on the market.