Rules and timing for planting bell peppers: when to plant seedlings, especially sowing seeds according to the lunar calendar, care, transplantation and feeding

Rules and timing for planting bell peppers: when to plant seedlings, especially sowing seeds according to the lunar calendar, care, transplantation and feeding

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Bulgarian pepper is tasty and healthy, everyone knows that.

Every self-respecting summer resident gardener plants this vegetable in his greenhouses.

It does not require particularly careful care in a permanent place, the main thing is to plant bell peppers for seedlings on time.

The topic of today's article is bell peppers: when to plant on seedlings, how to properly plant sweet peppers on seedlings.

When to plant sweet peppers for seedlings?

It is planted in greenhouse conditions in early May, when the time of frost and cold passes. By this time, the plants should be strong and blooming. The seedlings must be more than 2 months old, so you need to planting sweet peppers for seedlings in February... With a later planting, the fruits simply do not have time to grow and ripen.

Important! It is not necessary to plant too early, otherwise there will be no good harvest. The best option is the second half of February.

If, nevertheless, the planting was made ahead of time, prepare good greenhouse conditions in order to plant the pepper in the ground in April.

In the north, north-west and central part of the Russian Federation, these vegetables are planted only through seedlings. Early maturing varieties are often used.

In Ukraine and the southern regions of the Russian Federation, seeds for seedlings are planted at the end of January or immediately in a greenhouse at the beginning of April.

Moon calendar

Many gardeners rely on the lunar calendar when planting crops.

The best time to plant is to the growing moon... Many people use clarifications - the growing moon should be in the sign of Scorpio, Aries and Sagittarius.

Auspicious days for planting peppers will be from 15 to 20 January, from 11 to 16 February and from 9 to 17 March.

Further care is carried out in the same way according to the lunar calendar - watering, picking, planting in a greenhouse.

Sowing sweet peppers for seedlings

Here we will talk about how to plant bell peppers from seeds?

Sowing sweet pepper seeds for seedlings. Seeds must be prepared to landing. Some germinate seeds in damp material, but you can do without it. Read more about preparing seeds for sowing.

Land for planting is best purchased in specialized stores., the packages already contain all the necessary components in the right proportions.

If you use the land from the site, it must be disinfected (potassium permanganate solution) and steamed in the oven. Then the soil should be fertilized (ash, potassium sulfate and liquid sodium humate).

How to plant bell peppers for seedlings? It is better to immediately plant the peppers in separate containers. with a diameter of about 5-6 cm. So you will avoid picking and initially strengthen the root system of the plants.

Reference! It is good to use containers that decompose in the ground (paper and peat cups) for convenient planting in permanent soil. Several seeds should be placed in cups at once, peppers are difficult to sprout.

There is an opinion that when the peppers are dived, they lose special hairs with which they absorb nutrients.

If planted in a common container, then the distance between the shoots must be more than 2 cm.

Planting depth - about 3-4 cm... It is better to water the top layer of the earth with warm water, sow the seedlings and sprinkle it on top with a layer of 3-4 cm of earth. So the soil will be more air-saturated.

Then the crops should be covered with polyethylene to form the desired moisture content, and when germinating, open.

It is better to put the seedlings on the south side, in a bright place, the optimum air temperature for germination should be about 25 degrees. then it can be reduced to 20. If the growth is slow, the temperature must be increased again.

Important! Plants are curving towards the sun. It is necessary to rotate the seedlings to straighten the stems. Seedlings are afraid of drafts!

Water as the soil dries up. Initially - once a week, otherwise the appearance of diseases ("black leg") is likely, then watering is carried out more often.

Picks are carried out when two well-developed leaves appear. A few hours before the pick, the plants need to be well watered.

Then you can carry out top dressing every 5 days. To do this, use mixture of urea and nitrate (1 tbsp. spoon) in a bucket of water. Many people use a glass of mullein for a bucket.

A month before planting in the greenhouse, the plants are hardened - open the window or take it out to the veranda or balcony.

After a period of 60 - 80 days and with a good flowering of plants, they should be transplanted into the greenhouse. Plants should have 10 leaves.

The soil in the greenhouse must also be decontaminated and warmed up.

Properly grown seedlings are the key to a good harvest. All efforts will not be in vain. We told how to properly sow sweet pepper for seedlings, gave the rules for sowing bell pepper for seedlings, planting dates.

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