What is the timing of planting seeds for seedlings in the Urals and Kuban, when cucumbers are planted in Siberia and the Moscow region, the rules for growing in these regions

What is the timing of planting seeds for seedlings in the Urals and Kuban, when cucumbers are planted in Siberia and the Moscow region, the rules for growing in these regions

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Growing seedlings, depending on the region, has its own characteristics.

These are the terms of planting, feeding and fertilizing.

All other parameters: watering, lighting and temperature do not differ significantly. Read more in our article.

The time of planting seeds for seedlings in the Moscow region

REFERENCE! Seeds for sowing a representative of this pumpkin family should be sown in late March - early April.

Seedlings are grown only in heated greenhouses or at home. In open soil, seedlings should be planted at the end of May.when the threat of frosts, including returnable ones, has finally passed.

In the suburbs at such a time it is not uncommon. During this time, young bushes have time to fully get stronger and will be ready for a new stage in their life.

In the conditions of the Moscow region, they bear fruit well in greenhouse shelters, but there are varieties that can easily bear fruit in unprotected soil.

Leningrad region

In the Leningrad region, the weather conditions are cooler than in the Moscow region, therefore seeds should be sown in mid-March... Winter in this region is longer and spring is long. The possibility of frost can persist until the second decade of May.

Young seedlings are planted in unprotected soil at the end of May, preferably at the beginning of June.... The varieties should be chosen medium early and resistant to temperature extremes. Vegetables in the Leningrad Region are usually grown in film shelters.

In Siberia

IMPORTANT! In order to grow these vegetables in the open field in the climatic conditions of Siberia, gardeners should choose northern varieties of a quick ripening period.

When to plant cucumber seedlings in Siberia? Seeds are planted in heated greenhouses from mid-April... It is not worth delaying the deadlines, since the fruits will not have time to ripen before the onset of cold weather.

But it is better not to risk the harvest and grow vegetables in greenhouse shelters. There are undersized varieties that can be grown at home on a balcony or windowsill.

When do they plant cucumbers for seedlings in the Urals?

The timing of planting seeds for seedlings in the Urals. It is necessary to plant seeds for the inhabitants of the Urals already at the beginning of April... It is possible to grow seedlings of this vegetable crop only at home or in heated greenhouses. Learn more about preparing seeds before sowing.

Early ripe varieties and hybrids should be chosen., otherwise they will not have time to bring the harvest before the onset of cold weather, if grown in the open field.

In order to get a guaranteed harvest of fruits in the climatic conditions of the Urals, their should be grown under film or in greenhouses.

When to sow cucumbers for seedlings in the Kuban?

Sow this vegetable in the Kuban possible from the end of February, beginning of March, this is done in greenhouse shelters. You can plant in unprotected soil at the beginning of May.... At this time, the ground is already warm enough and young seedlings are not threatened to freeze. In the southern regions, cucumbers grow well in the open field.

Features of cultivation depending on the region

In regions with a harsh climate, young plants must be strengthened even in the greenhouse. For this it is worth using fertilizers containing potassium and phosphorus... In areas of the middle and southern strip, complex fertilizers are usually used.

To combat pests such as spider mites and greenhouse whiteflies, the time-tested "Confidor". In more southern regions, bear and slugs may appear.

Against the bear, they fight by weeding the soil, but special care should be taken here so as not to damage the root system. You can make a solution of pepper and mustard with water. About a tablespoon of both in 10 liters of water, and water the young seedlings.

REFERENCE! The general rule for all regions is to observe the lighting regime, there should be a lot of light. Temperature conditions, during the day should be 23-25 ​​degrees, at night 16-19.

Before planting, containers for seedlings must be treated with a special disinfecting solution. This is done in order to exclude the possibility of plant disease with fungal diseases from the last season.

As follows from the brief overview, cucumbers bear fruit well in any region, if there is a heated greenhouse. The whole difference in care is only in the timing of planting seeds for seedlings. The colder the region, the later the seedlings are sown.

This is the key to growing vegetables outdoors. If you grow this crop in greenhouse shelters, then the timing is not significant. Good luck and good harvests!

So, we told when to plant cucumbers for seedlings in the Kuban, in the suburbs and when to plant seedlings of cucumbers in the Urals?

Extreme bagged cucumber cultivation in Siberia:

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