Find out how to grow eggplants outdoors in the Moscow region? Recommendations for the timing of planting seeds, tips for the care of seedlings

Find out how to grow eggplants outdoors in the Moscow region? Recommendations for the timing of planting seeds, tips for the care of seedlings

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Growing eggplants in a plot near Moscow is not very difficult, many summer residents managed to make sure of this, try it too.

Now there are varieties and hybrids that will make this task not only doable, but easy. Read more in our article.

When to sow eggplants for seedlings in the suburbs?

REFERENCE! Eggplant is very heat-loving culture and she also loves a lot of light... It has a long vegetative period of 90-110 days. Therefore, even in the conditions of the Moscow region with a rather mild climate, it is grown only through seedlings.

Sowing dates for eggplant seedlings in the Moscow region. This is done only in heated greenhouses or at home. Seedlings should be planted at the end of March.does not follow later. In mid-late May, when the threat of frost has passed, it can be planted in unprotected soil, 80-90 days pass before this long-awaited and very crucial moment.

In the open field, eggplant seedlings will have time to grow and bear fruit before the onset of cold weather. The following hybrids are suitable for this: "Giselle", "King of the Market", "King of the North" "Swan Lake".

When buying the seeds of these plants, you can not be afraid for the harvest. But at the same time, you need to pay attention to the quality of the seed and the shelf life. Learn more about preparing seeds before sowing.

When growing seedlings on their site, summer residents will face many difficulties, this is perhaps the most important stage in growing this crop. Falling, stretching and yellowing of seedlings - this is not a complete list of the difficulties that you will have to face when growing it.

To avoid problems at the most important stage, the lighting regime should be strictly observed, seedlings are very fond of light, temperature and irrigation regime... You also need to watch out for pests that can cause irreparable harm to young plants.

Containers for growing seedlings need special preparation, they should be treated with an antiseptic solution. For the root system to feel good, they need to be spacious.

Landing in open ground

When to plant eggplant seedlings in the Moscow region? The best time to land in open ground is the end of Maywhen the threat of frosts, including returnable ones, is guaranteed to pass. For planting in open ground varieties of medium and early ripening are recommended.

The soilwhere are you going to plant seedlings must contain a lot of organic substances and be neutral in composition... To lower the acidity, you can use chalk or dolomite flour, both are good and effective and most importantly safe, as they are completely natural.

By mechanical properties loose and loamy soils are more suitable than others... Therefore, it is better to prepare it before planting. To do this, you need to take sand at the rate of one bucket per square meter. m. of land. You can add rotted sawdust. Then dig up everything and loosen it properly. Areas where potatoes grew last season are not recommended for planting eggplants.

For growing in unprotected soil you should choose an illuminated place, preferably without shade and drafts.

To create optimal conditions, the following planting scheme is used: between seedlings 40-50 cm and 50-60 cm between rows.

This method of planting does not give a strong thickening and all plants will have enough light, this is especially important in the summer near Moscow, which does not always please with warmth. After planting in open ground, young shoots should be protected for the first time, especially at night, with a covering material. After the young shoots have hardened, the night protection can be removed.

How to grow eggplants outdoors in the Moscow region?

To get a good harvest in conditions near Moscow, you need to make some efforts. In addition to not always favorable weather conditions, gardeners are trapped by another danger - these are harmful insects.

ATTENTION! The plant can be attacked by spider mites, Colorado potato beetles and other pests that eat nightshade crops.

Aphids, spider mites and thrips can be fought by washing them off with soapy water, but it will be more effective use the drug "Confidor" and "Barrier"... From the Colorado potato beetle, the Prestige remedy is effectively taken or harvested by hand.

Since the seedlings are still grown in greenhouses, they are, among other things, threatened by the greenhouse whitefly; the drug Confidor has been successfully used against it for many years.

Most modern varieties and hybrids of eggplant, especially for middle and northern latitudes, have a very high resistance to diseases, including fungal ones.

But this does not mean that amateur gardeners can relax; you should not forget about prevention.

Timely watering, abundant, but not very frequent, good lighting and low planting density Is the first step towards healthy plants. But anything can happen on the site, including plant diseases. If your plantings are affected by root rot, you need to reduce watering.

Blackleg Is an incurable disease that threatens to spread to neighboring bushes. To avoid this, the affected bushes are removed, and the places where they grew are treated with a disinfecting solution. Unfortunately, but only such drastic measures can prevent the spread of the disease to other plantings.

Features of watering and feeding

IMPORTANT! It should be watered with lukewarm water every 10-12 days, but abundantly. Water should be passed through a filter or defended during the day.

Top dressing should be carried out 3-4 times per season.... It is better to use complex fertilizers. For this, such means as "Zdraven", "Kemira-hydro" and "Kemira-kombi" are suitable.

In addition, to provide the eggplant bushes with microelements, every 25-30 days, fertilizing with such preparations as "Zircon +" and "Cytovit" should be carried out. This will fully meet the needs of the plant for all the necessary substances.

Eggplant bushes need a garter, and its branches must be strengthened with props, since the fruits are quite large, which can cause them to break off.

When a plant reaches 30-45 cm in growth, it you can pinchleaving no more than 6 ovaries.

Even a novice gardener can grow eggplants outdoors in the middle zone of the Moscow region. You just need to follow simple rules in caring for seedlings and adult bushes. Good luck and rich harvests.

So, we figured out how to grow eggplants in the Moscow region and gave an approximate time for planting seeds for seedlings.

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