Causes of diseases of eggplant seedlings and the fight against them: photos of affected plants, preventive measures

Causes of diseases of eggplant seedlings and the fight against them: photos of affected plants, preventive measures

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Anyone who wants to start growing eggplant should be aware of certain difficulties in growing them.

Eggplant is a rather capricious crop and is prone to many diseases. How to avoid them and how to fight if the disease has visited your site or greenhouse?

Read more about diseases and methods of their treatment in our article.

Diseases of eggplant seedlings and the fight against them, photo

Black spot

it the most common disease eggplant seedlings at home. The reason for its appearance is excess moisture... Also, the reason may be too dense soil or dense planting.

Treating this disease is difficult. To suppress the disease at the very beginning, a set of actions is carried out immediately.

First you have to reduce soil density and check tank drainagewhere young eggplant shoots grow, excess moisture may accumulate there.

If the seedlings are too densely packed, it is necessary to defuse the landing... This can serve as additional prevention not only against this disease, but also against a number of others. Also, it will not be superfluous to treat with fungicides and reduce the humidity of the environment.

Downy and true powdery mildew

This disease causes drying of seedling foliage, which can cause wilting, and then the death of eggplant seedlings. This disease can affect young shoots of nightshade due to too high humidity and sudden temperature changes.

It must be treated with the drug "Fitostorin"... Also an important event will be ventilating greenhouse shelters and reducing irrigation... When airing, drafts should be avoided, young seedlings do not like it.

Powdery mildew is an insidious fungal disease that treated with the drug "Topaz", and also used colloidal sulfur.

Is there a black leg in eggplant seedlings? What to do?

One of the most common diseases in seedlings of this representative of the Solanaceae family. When a young plant is sick, a kind of jumper appears in the root system, which does not give adequate nutrition to the seedlings.

If the plant does not die from this, then the harvest will be poor. It is necessary to treat this disease means "Trichodermin"... If it does not help, unfortunately, you will have to remove it.

This is necessary so that neighboring bushes do not become infected, as this is a fungal infectious disease.

Top rot

This disease rarely infects seedlings and is not infectious, it happens from lack of potassium... But still, if this disease has affected your seedlings, then do not be alarmed.

It will be enough to apply potash fertilizershow the disease will recede.

REFERENCE! It can manifest itself at all stages of growth and repeatedly.

Tobacco mosaic

This disease affects not only the fruits of adult plants, making them unsuitable for food, but also seedlings. Leaves, shoots and flowers of the plant are affected... With a significant lesion, the seedlings are removed, and the landing site is treated with quicklime... The disease is incurable.

Gray rot

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for a gardener with little experience to notice this disease at the initial stage. It becomes noticeable only when a gray mold-like coating is visible on the leaves and shoots... It can only be treated with the active use of complex fungicides.

To prevent this dangerous disease for the next season, it is necessary to take measures to disinfect the soil or greenhouse. This is done by fumigating the soil.

Late blight

The main and most terrible enemy eggplant and all crops of the nightshade family. If the leaves are stained with a color resembling rust. This is a sure sign that your seedlings are infected with this virus.

The plant may die if urgent measures are not taken. Infected seedlings must be removed, thereby you eliminate the focus, preventing further spread of the disease.

It is spreading rapidly. The rest of the seedling bushes treated with Bordeaux liquid or copper sulfate solution.

Seedlings are not mature plants and require special care. All diseases to which mature plants have resistance are very difficult for seedlings to resist.

Here you need to show special care and attention. It will not be easy for a beginner to cope with such a task, but then one can be proud of the result. Good luck and big harvests of the most delicious eggplants.

So, we discussed the main diseases of eggplant seedlings, photos are attached. They also described the procedure for identifying these diseases.

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