Choosing a date when to plant peppers for seedlings in March? Tips for choosing a variety and how to properly care for seedlings when planting outdoors

Choosing a date when to plant peppers for seedlings in March? Tips for choosing a variety and how to properly care for seedlings when planting outdoors

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Pepper is a very popular and beloved plant, belongs to the nightshade family.

It contains a large amount of trace elements, therefore it is very beneficial for health.

In terms of vitamin C content, the vegetable surpasses even lemon.

Today we will find out when in March to plant peppers for seedlings? We will answer the following questions: is it too late to plant peppers for seedlings in March, is it possible to plant peppers for seedlings in March, what date is the best time to do this?

Pepper - warmth-loving culture, only suits him seedling growing method due to the fact that a long period of time passes from germination to the formation of the first fruits. According to the variety - from 120 to 160 days. The vegetable is transplanted into open soil at the age of 55-80 days, after the formation of the first buds on the bush.

The time suitable for planting is determined by the air temperature. The minimum for seedlings will be 15-18 degrees, for full growth and development 20-25 degrees.

What peppers can be planted for seedlings in March? There are a large number of varieties at the moment. If vegetables will be eaten fresh, you need to choose varieties with thick walls, larger ones. Small-fruited varieties are suitable for conservation., which are also less whimsical.

Important! Before planting, the seeds must be sorted and prepared without fail.

To do this, there are the following ways:

  • manuallyby removing all dark and empty seeds;
  • keep them in salt solution (2 tablespoons per liter of water), bad ones will float to the surface;
  • germination test - seeds are moistened with water and wrapped in three or four layers of cloth; put on a saucer or plate, put in a bag and leave for 2 weeks at a temperature of 25 degrees, periodically moistening; if half or more of the seeds have sprouted, they can be used.

Planting peppers for seedlings occurs from early to mid-March, so that there is no threat of frost during transplantation into open ground. For the Middle Lane, this is the end of May - beginning of June.

Basic principles of growing seedlings

To achieve an excellent harvest, it is imperative use the right soil, which should contain peat, sod land, manure and sawdust. It is also possible to use ready-made store mixes.

Important! The soil should not be too wet, otherwise the seedlings will lack oxygen, which will lead to their death.

Seed sowing rules:

  1. plant pepper right away in individual containers, since it does not tolerate transplanting very well due to its weak root system;
  2. the soil must be moistened in advance, in about 2 hours;
  3. seeds must be disinfected in a dark pink solution of potassium permanganate, then rinse thoroughly with water;
  4. planting seeds is carried out to a depth of one centimeter.

Polyethylene is pulled over the pots from above, they provide an optimal temperature of 25-27 degrees. When shoots appear, the film is removed.

Care rules

They consist in maintaining the temperature regime, in providing the required amount of light.

No need to water the seeds until the first shoots appear, it is necessary to loosen the soil from time to time.

Watering should be done in the morning, about once a week. You need to dive pepper when it has five to six leaves in a container with a volume of at least 0.5 liters.

Important! Peat pots are best suited for planting peppers; when using them, you do not need to get seedlings and cause discomfort to the roots, since the peat will then turn into humus.

When can you plant peppers for seedlings in March?

With a lack of light, the plant is depleted, that is, he has a delay in harvesting. Transplanting into open ground is possible only if night frosts are excluded. Turns out that late varieties should be planted in early March, and early varieties closer to the middle.

It should be borne in mind that it is preferable to plant pepper on the growing moon. In March, daylight hours are increased, the temperature outside the window is higher. If you plant the plant earlier, you need to provide it with additional lighting.

Important! The time for planting peppers for seedlings in March also depends on the region of Russia: for the middle zone with a temperate climate - this is the first half of March, for the southern regions - a month earlier, for the north - from the second half of February, using early maturing varieties.

Taking care of pepper seedlings is a rather painstaking task. Remember the following rules to ensure you get a good, strong crop:

  • the choice the right time for sowing (first half of March);
  • seedlings require a lot of light and heat;
  • the roots of the pepper need to breathe;
  • as you grow you need to pick the plant;
  • seedlings do not overfill and overfeed.

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How peppers sown on different days in March grow:

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