We build greenhouses made of aluminum and glass with our own hands

We build greenhouses made of aluminum and glass with our own hands

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Recently, the most different constructions for greenhouses have become very common among owners of private land plots.

There is quite a wide range of materials that can be used to make the frame of the greenhouse.

But, aluminum it is used much more often compared to other materials.

Aluminum for greenhouses

Modern greenhouses, which are assembled from aluminum profiles, have a number of advantages over similar structures made of other materials.

Such greenhouses are found on a huge number of personal plots in various regions.

Their perspective is due to the fact that the frame is made of aluminum profiles or pipes can be collected at homewithout possessing any special skills.

It should be noted that aluminum profiles are characterized by the presence of many advantages associated with the technical properties of this material.

Greenhousesof high quality should be not only maximally functional, but also to have an attractive and fairly modern appearance.

Aluminum structures are a stylish element that can easily decorate a modernly designed private plot. One of the main advantages this type of greenhouse is the presence a huge variety of forms frame.

Equally important is the fact that modern manufacturing companies present several options for materials intended to cover the greenhouse structure.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that greenhouses, the frame of which is made of aluminum, have special installation requirements, as well as have excellent performance properties... Most of the frames made of such metal are made using pipes. They can be easily and quickly assembled by hand..

Frame types

Today there are six types of frame for an aluminum greenhouse. These include:

  1. Framewhich is equipped with shed roof, and is easy to install. The main disadvantage is that there is insufficient illumination inside such greenhouses throughout the day;
  2. Designhaving gable roof, is characterized by increased versatility and practicality. For the construction of this, you can take the lightest aluminum pipes;
  3. Arch-type greenhouses are highly resistant to sufficiently large snow loads. In addition, they are characterized by an excellent degree of room illumination;
  4. Greenhouses with a multifaceted frame are made only from pipes and are widespread among florists;
  5. Luxury aluminum greenhouses;
  6. Structures equipped with domed roofs.

In addition to the above forms, there are others. However, they did not receive such widespread popularity.

The most common options include gable and arched aluminum greenhouses, the height of the walls of which is calculated depending on the types of crops that will be grown in them.

When choosing the shape of the greenhouse construction, it must be remembered that it to some extent affects the aesthetics of the design of the entire personal plot. This feature must be taken into account when installing the greenhouse with your own hands.

Advantages and disadvantages of an aluminum greenhouse

The greenhouse frame, mounted from aluminum pipes, is characterized by many obvious advantages, the main of which are:

  1. His easy to do yourself at home, and then securely install in almost any pre-selected place of the infield;
  2. Each of installation steps are noticeably facilitated due to the low weight of the pipesmade of this material;
  3. This kind of profile can be attributed to the group of ergonomic structures, which are quite capable of withstanding large external loads, as well as increased air temperature, sufficiently high humidity and severe frosts for a long period of time;
  4. Thanks to the aluminum frame as a covering for the structure can be used both lightweight polycarbonate sheets and heavier ordinary glass sheets;
  5. Glass aluminum greenhouse excellent for use as a winter garden, because aluminum pipes are highly resistant to rust, and glass sheets are able to retain heat well inside the structure and provide excellent illumination of the room.

Due to the good quality, as well as the performance characteristics of this metal, an aluminum glass greenhouse can be used for several decades contract. At the same time, they do not lose their original shape and retain their aesthetic appearance.

A photo

Look at the photo: aluminum profile greenhouse

Preparatory work

One of the reasons for the popularity of aluminum greenhouses is that they can be used without problems all year round... After all, glass, like polycarbonate, does not allow streams of warm air to pass through, accumulating heat inside the structure.

These tables are divided into foldable, stationary and portable. The latter are considered more convenient not only in operation, but also in installation. This is because their the design allows you not to engage in preliminary preparation of the foundation.

In addition, if the need arises, such greenhouses can be easily transferred from one place to another.

Prefabricated structures are no less functional - they can be removed to a garage or other utility room for a period while they are not in use.

For stationary aluminum greenhouses, you need to choose the right location for the frame. It is better to give preference to an area with a flat, well-lit surface.

Thus, it is possible to provide the most optimal conditions for growing crops.

You should also take care of the foundation. Its depth is determined by the size and weight of the greenhouse structure - the larger the dimensions, the deeper the foundation should be, and vice versa.

When making an aluminum greenhouse at home, you must use the following materials and tools:

  • aluminum pipes, in the amount required for installation;
  • special material for covering the structure, which is suitable for translucent sheet polycarbonate, ordinary glass, as well as durable polyethylene;
  • galvanized parts for fastening;
  • grinder equipped with a cutting disc;
  • wood beams pretreated with antiseptic agents or special cement paste;
  • wrench suitable for firmly fixing aluminum profiles with hex bolts;
  • concrete mixer and a large container for preparing concrete mixture for the base;
  • a tool designed to cut the corresponding covering material;
  • a door with which holes will be made in the aluminum pipes.

The main advantage of aluminum profiles or pipes - easy and fast enough processing, which you can do yourself at home. If necessary, they can be sawn into pieces of a certain length, and also bend or welded in the right places.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of different welding inverters suitable for home use. Thanks to these tools, the process of welding metal parts is greatly simplified.

Luxury aluminum greenhouses are assembled from roll-formed profiles... In addition, it is also used in the construction of arch-type greenhouses, which are characterized by multifunctionality.

In order to bend the aluminum profile for glass greenhouses as correctly as possible and get a high-quality element, it is necessary to use a profile pipe with a bending machine, a ruler with a grinder, as well as a regular marker and a welding tool.

One of the most common methods for bending aluminum profiles involves the use of a constant flame source (an acytene burner, a propane torch, or a blowtorch). You can also use a special pipe bender.

DIY aluminum and glass greenhouses

Greenhouses, which are made of aluminum profiles or pipes, do not require special skills for assembly and installation.

The whole construction process can be divided into several successive stages... The quality of their implementation is reflected in the duration of the operational period of the structure.

  1. First of all, you need to carefully and carefully prepare the site.on which the aluminum frame will be installed. It should be completely open so that no shadows from large trees, as well as utility or residential structures, fall on it.
  2. Then you need make the foundation for the greenhouse... To do this, you can take a concrete fill, which is characterized by excellent quality. In addition, the foundation can be made of bricks or wooden beams. If the base is made of a concrete mixture, then it can be both shallow and not buried, which is determined depending on the size of the greenhouse.
  3. The next stage is to complete installation work in order to create a profile frame made of aluminum and glass.... First, pipes or profiles are cut and bent in the appropriate places, and then connected with nuts. At this stage, the frame is assembled, according to a pre-selected shape. Depending on this, the pipes or profile must be given the appropriate shape: concave to form arches, triangles to create corners of the structure.
  4. In them holes are made into which screws will be inserted for fixing sheet glass.
  5. The glass is securely attached to the aluminum frame... It is necessary to ensure that there are not even subtle voids between the parts of the structure. Indeed, the heat-saving function of the greenhouse will depend on the density of the connection of the elements of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse under glass from aluminum profile is characterized by durability of operation, increased strength, excellent quality and high reliability regardless of weather conditions.

However, in order to provide the most suitable conditions for growing plants and vegetables, the structure must be regularly ventilated, treated with disinfectants and prepared for operation.

It should be noted that such structures are very easy to clean if you use alkaline solutions for this, which are prepared on the basis of ordinary soda.

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