July-August 2011

July-August 2011

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7-10 July 2011 Leno (BS)

BIOLOGICAL AND SOLIDALEL key words of the IX edition of the Fiera di San BenedettoArte, Shows and Flavors in Villa Badia a Leno
Free admission
To enjoy natural flavors and get to know the benefits of organic food for health and the environment, the appointment is in Leno on 9 and 10 July with the IX edition of the Exhibition of Organic and Fair Trade.
This is an appointment that aims to give space to the natural and to enhance the world of bio, which in Italy includes almost 50 thousand producers for over one million dedicated hectares, making the public aware of all the goodness and genuineness of the guaranteed and certified products. A choice that involves more and more people every year, and that is based on trust and the increasing attention paid by consumers to ethics and respect for nature.
The event, which takes place inside the centuries-old park of Villa Badia, is promoted by the Dominato Leonense Foundation and Cassa Padana BCC, with the sponsorship of the Municipality and the Pro Loco of Leno; and relies on the collaboration of "LA BUONA TERRA", the Lombard Association of Organic Farmers.
In addition to the stands of organic producers and fair trade, there will be local artisan schools and voluntary associations.
Musical and entertainment events, which will begin Thursday 7th July with the traditional concert of the Musical Corps “V. Capirola ”, will be the setting for the exhibition market. In particular, Saturday evening will be animated by a multicultural show / parade, to talk about integration and overcoming discrimination starting from the knowledge of the culture of those who live next door; while Sunday evening will be animated by the Group of Popular Dances "Il Salterio".
There is also space for culture with the presentation of the expected results of the archaeological excavation - conducted in the park of Villa Badia by the Superintendency for Archaeological Heritage of Lombardy from 2009 to 2010 - which brought to light new testimonies of the Longobard monastery that once stood here. Furthermore, in the two days of the event, the exhibition "Nature and spirituality", organized by the Martino Dolci Association of Brescia which presents the artists Eugenio Busi and Lino Sanzeni, will be open to the public in the exhibition halls.
Do not miss the attractions for the little ones: the educational farm "Alle Fornaci" will introduce the typical animals of the farmhouses of the past, focusing on the quality of life of our little friends; while the Youth Environment Forum in Cremona will offer playful activities for children and adults that will focus on respecting the environment in which we live.
For information and reservations:
Tel. 030-9038463 / 030-9040210
e-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

1 July 30 October 2011 Agliи (TO)

Margherita of Savoy. A Queen for United Italy
The exhibition will open to the public on Friday 1st July and will remain open until 30th October 2011, from 9 am to 6.30 pm.
Admission price: 4 euros. Free admission for under-18s, over 65s and holders of the Museum Card, 50% reduction between 18 and 25 years
For information: t. 0124 330102

2-3 July 2011 Finalborgo (SV)

Le Birre d'Autore on show in Finalborgo
Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July 2011 the first edition of Birre D'Autore, an event dedicated to Ligurian, Italian and foreign beers, will be held in Finalborgo (SV), at the Cа location of OroArgento Group, an event dedicated to Ligurian, Italian and foreign beers.
In recent years, consumer interest in beer quality, artisanal and limited production is growing.
The market is responding with the birth of microbreweries and facilities designed to satisfy the most demanding consumers.
Food-beer pairings are also experiencing a new era with the introduction of combinations that are often considered risky, but for possible experts. We refer to the combination beer-fish and sweets-beer for example.
Birre d'Autore wants to represent an event of knowledge and information on the fabulous world of beers. Production, combinations, history and curiosities.
The cost of the Entry will be Ђ 5 with sample / tasting - beer tasting.
Ђ 7 with the addition of a glass holder and a tasting glass.
Participation in the courses is limited and upon reservation. The reservation can be made directly at the event office during the event days.
For info:
OroArgento Grouplocation Cа di Nм
Via Lancellotto 1517024 Finale Ligure SV
tel. +39 019 6898607fax +39 019

9 July 2011 Fabriano

Saturday 9 July in Fabriano 50 scarecrows occupy the Poio Gardens to reclaim the green in our cities. Works by as many artists the 50 scarecrows stand as a symbol of a more balanced relationship between city and natural environment.
When man never took his feet off the ground and his eyes from the sky, when the look went beyond the horizon where everything rejoins, when the slow flow of the hours, of the days, of the seasons marked the time, when the worlds of soul were in tune with the rhythms of the universe, when the consciousness of belonging and dependence ruled the everyday, they were there, small thing, to defend the work of every day for survival.
Certainly not to avert the storms, earthquakes and catastrophes, but to keep the birds away.
Those same birds that propagate the seed in the natural environment, not conditioned by the human presence, giving life to "spontaneous" vegetations whose fruits, available to all, are the richness of the earth.
But the man then, more and more bent on looking after his "own" backyard, has stopped, chased away the birds, watched the stars, raised fences and took, forgetting the ancient conscience and burden of the presumption of those who want to feel close to the creator, to build his artificial world.
In art
[email protected]
3483890843 - 0732 23114

15-17 July 2011 Verbania

Verbania "Cactus Folies" is the market exhibition of succulent, rare or collectible plants hosted every year in the month of July in the splendid rooms of the nineteenth-century Villa Giulia of Verbania.
In the market section, numerous specialized nurseries display unique or rare specimens that can not only be admired but also purchased. The exhibition, on the other hand, presents the public with cacti of particular value, rarity and beauty coming from the private collections of the participating nurserymen from all over the world.
The event is attended by experts of the sector available to provide advice on the cultivation, care and correct identification of the plants. Every year during the event the best specimens presented by collectors or enthusiasts are awarded and numerous side events are offered such as photographic exhibitions or book presentations dedicated to succulent plants.
"Cactus Folies" represents an opportunity to admire the beauty and variety of plants on display and those on sale.
Admission is free.
More details
For information:
Tel. +39 0323 503249
[email protected]

23-24 July 2011 Lake Orta

As part of the initiatives related to the Interreg project Italy / Switzerland “Biodiversity? Let's save it by eating it ”, funded by the EU, this Consortium organizes for the 23/24 July 2011 days in two tourist Municipalities of Piedmont, Orta San Giulio and Pella, the event
"LAKE ORTA, THE FRUITS OF THE PAST" dedicated to biodiversity, fruits and flowers to be recovered.
Orta San Giulio is a city of just over a thousand inhabitants but very ancient, important from a historical, religious and tourist point of view and very well preserved. (see; is part of the "most beautiful villages in Italy" ( and is located on the lake of the same name, in the province of Novara.
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July-August 2011: July-August 2011 Merano

The World Music Festival continues, one of the most interesting festivals in all of Northern Italy, with the concerts of the Austrian big band Hostuonar and the highly anticipated Giovanni Allevi and Angelo Branduardi, always on the enchanting scenery of the Ninfee lake, in the Gardens of Sissi in Trauttmansdorff Castle.
After the success of the first concerts held by the Portuguese singer Tereza Salgueiro and the talented Englishman Nigel Kennedy, the World Music Festival continues Thursday 21 July with the Austrian big band Holstuonar and to follow, on 28 July and 11 August the highly anticipated concerts of Italian artists of established international reputation as Giovanni Allevi and Angelo Branduardi.
This year, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Sissi Gardens in Castel Trauttmansdorff, the program of the World Music Festival 2011 is richer and more interesting than ever!
On Thursday 21st July the group Holstuonar will perform, the Austrian big band that takes its cue from known songs of the popular musical tradition, revisiting them in a creative way and creating new songs from time to time.
The highlight of the entire event is Thursday 28 July with the performance of the extroverted pianist, composer and conductor Giovanni Allevi, who after winning the youngest audience by coming out of the traditional canons of contemporary classical music and after numerous performances between USA, Canada, Russia and China, Allevi arrives in South Tyrol with its Alien World Tour 2011.
The unmistakable and intense voice of Angelo Branduardi is unmistakable, also known for its particular sounds obtained with the use of ancient instruments, which recreate suggestive atmospheres and which will rise on the splendid stage of the Ninfee pond on Thursday 11 August.
Grand finale of the festival on August 18 with the Irish folk group Chieftains. The well-known group founded almost 50 years ago, has carried out projects of great musical contamination, involving rock and folk artists of the caliber of Sting, Mick Jagger and Van Morrison, thrilling the audience with an inexhaustible energy.
In all Athesia bookstores
Merano: Non Stop Music
Bolzano: Baba's
Internet: and
Prices starting from 25.30
The entrance to the concert is from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm and tickets can be purchased from 4.00 pm onwards at the ticket offices or in advance.
The Sissi Gardens at Trauttmansdorff Castle Via S. Valentino, 51 a - 39012 Merano
New times of the Sissi Gardens:
from 1 April to 31 October from 9.00 to 19.00
from 1 to 15 November from 9.00 to 17.00
Fridays in June, July and August from 9.00am to 11.00pm
info Gardens: