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Potatoes are considered the staple of any family's diet. But when purchasing this vegetable, we do not at all think about how it was grown, and where it came from. It takes a lot of effort and expense to grow potatoes. There are many ways to grow potatoes. One of the most popular ways is to grow potatoes in a barrel. This method is very fun and does not require much effort.

There is no name of the person who invented this method. This method has long roots. When preparing compost in an old barrel, an unknown peasant dropped a potato tuber there, which unexpectedly sprouted. Later, a potato bush grew in a barrel covered with slops.

After a while, he pulled out the taste, the peasant saw that it was hung with bunches of potatoes. This accident helped him collect a bag of potatoes. In the future, the unexpectedly discovered method has been improved. The tubers were staggered. This method is very productive and amazing in its results.

Pros and cons of this method

The advantage of growing potatoes in a barrel is that:

  1. In one barrel, we can grow about three buckets of potatoes, while we save space on our site.
  2. This method will save time when cultivating the beds and in the fight against annoying pests.
  3. Using this method, we can prevent potatoes from rotting and water stagnation in the barrel.

The disadvantage of this method is that we cannot grow large volumes of crops for the purpose of further large-scale sale.

Choosing potatoes

To select a material for planting, we must focus not only on taste, color and yield, but also on where the variety is zoned.

An important factor when choosing a potato is its ripening period and endurance before diseases.

In order for the plant to grow strong, it is necessary to choose large tubers. It is necessary to beware of scammers who, under the guise of elite potatoes, can offer its most ordinary fruits.

When buying, ask for a certificate that confirms the quality of the potatoes. Hardy and prolific varieties in our area:

  • Bezhitsky.
  • Lyra.
  • Zhukovsky early.
  • Timo.
  • Cardinal.
  • Right hand.


When planting potatoes in barrels, you will need a minimum set of tools that will be needed mainly for making the frame itself (hammer, drill, chisel, knife, garden shovel). This fact can also be attributed to the next plus of this method.

Land and fertilizers

Potatoes during the growing season are not very picky, unlike other crops, and do not require to be fed. This is due to the fact that substances that are in the fertilizer are not absorbed in sufficient volume... Due to the bulky tubers and poorly developed root system, the consumption of nutrients by potatoes is more intense than other vegetables.

To achieve a high-quality harvest, the choice of future fertilizer must be taken responsibly.

Components for preparing a soil mixture:

  1. sod land;
  2. the drug "Em-bokashi";
  3. ordinary soil.

Growing technology

What is growing potatoes in a barrel?

  1. Before planting potatoes, we need to find a metal, plastic or wooden container, it can also be a plastic bag.
  2. The height of the barrel should be more than 30 cm, this is necessary so that moisture and oxygen get into the soil in sufficient quantities. With insufficient moisture, the potatoes will not take root and the harvest can not wait.
  3. One of the important conditions is the lack of a bottom at the barrel to provide access to the ground for earthworms. A large number of holes are required in the housing. For every 10-15 cm, the diameter of which should be about 1 cm. This is necessary so that excess moisture is gone, and the roots of the plant are saturated with oxygen.
  4. Also, to avoid oxygen starvation, we place a rubber hose on the bottom of the barrel, which we previously twisted in a spiral with a distance between the turns of 8 cm.In the hose we make small holes at a distance of 15 cm. pump to saturate the soil with air. This procedure is done about 3 times a week.
  5. Fill our barrel with the prepared mixture 1/2 of its height, do it in layers. Care must be taken to ensure that the sprouts do not hatch completely.
  6. When the sprout reaches the top layer, fill it with another layer. If you do not follow this process, the root system of the plant will not be fully formed, and will give all its strength to the growth of the green stem.
  7. The place where the barrel will stand can be absolutely any. If it is not possible to constantly add soil, it is allowed to use the cultivation of tubers in three floors.
  8. It is necessary to plant potatoes in a round container according to its diameter, but if the container has a square shape, then planting occurs in a checkerboard pattern.

What kind of care is needed?

  1. The prepared soil must be steamed, this will help us get rid of pests and microorganisms. If the soil is steamed enough, it has undergone a kind of disinfection. In this case, the soil is considered safe.
  2. You need to know that the soil, which has a sandy composition, must be filled with magnesium sulfate and dolomite flour.
  3. On hot days, we need to make sure our potatoes are well watered.
  4. To ensure a good harvest, top dressing is necessary, which is carried out with ash, organic or complex fertilizers.
  5. About 3 months after the last top dressing, the tops will turn yellow and dry. This means that the potatoes are ripe. To collect the long-awaited harvest, it is necessary to turn over or disassemble our structure. A good harvest should be one bag per square meter.
  6. The soil that remains can be reused, previously saturated with fertilizers.
  7. The barrel can be replaced by special containers called “Potato Barrel”, and online stores will help us with this. But, it is worth noting that more expensive equipment will not affect the quality of the crop.

Growing potatoes in a barrel is a young and not well-known technology, which will help us to provide ourselves with a crop at the lowest cost. It's also an interesting process that can involve the whole family.

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