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May 2011

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7 May Velletri

HOURS: Saturday 7 May from 17.00; Sunday 8 May from 12.00
LOCATION: Piazza Cesare Ottaviano Augusto (Piazza del Comune)
Among the predominant crops in the Velletri area, undoubtedly stands out that of the Roman artichoke, protagonist of the very popular Matthew Artichoke Festival, which will take place this year on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May, with cooking and tasting of artichokes and typical local dishes. artichoke base, burraco tournaments, folk music and wine at will.
The festival celebrates another way, less known than the Roman or Jewish cousins, to taste the splendid flavors of the artichoke.
This delicious dish is prepared following a particular procedure, used for centuries now and it seems even by the ancient Etruscans. The "Roman mammals" are cooked on a bed of matted embers, that is of the vine shoots, which reach their maximum degree of drying precisely in conjunction with the complete maturation of the artichoke.
The Matticelle produce a particular and unique very long and fragrant embers that makes this dish absolutely unique, so unique that it deserves the recognition of the European Brand of Traditional Specialty Guaranteed, for which a Project was presented that will be exhibited during a Conference on Saturday 7 May, at the beautiful Council Hall of the Municipality of Velletri.
The lovers of this specialty report that the traditional way of preparing the dish is to set the fire directly on the ground, perhaps with the west wind that keeps the embers alive, which is then stretched out in a layer at least 10 centimeters high.
The artichoke, as the ancient tradition dictates, is cleaned and beaten from the head on a plane, so as to make it slightly open and filled with salt, chopped fresh mint, garlic leaves and extra virgin olive oil.
Then the artichokes are planted manually inside the embers bed with the stem turned towards the ingi program. The cooking proceeds for about an hour and, at that point, it is ready to taste, perhaps over a good bruschetta with oil that enhances the delicious taste of the aroma of the vine mixed with the seasoning of the artichoke and its very essence.

14-15 May Urbino

Municipality of Urbino
Department of Productive Activities in collaboration with the Consortium for the Protection of the Urbino Casciotta and the patronage of the Marche Region and the Province of Pesaro and Urbino
I EDITION 14-15 May 2011
Urbino (PU) - Historical center
The first edition of the Urbino Casciotta Festival will start on May 14th and 15th 2011, an initiative to enhance the product D.O.P. del Montefeltro and rediscover the flavors and traditions of the city of the Dukes. Exhibitions-markets, meetings with experts, culinary competitions, food and wine workshops, special tasting tours, guided tours of local dairies, award ceremonies and concerts make up the rich program of the initiative that will animate the streets and squares of the historic center of the ideal city. The Department of Productive Activities of the Municipality of Urbino with this first exhibition aims to promote the local gastronomic heritage by paying tribute to the Casciotta, excellence of the province.
As the story tells us, the origins of the Urbino Casciotta are very distant. Among the admirers we find the families of Montefeltro and Della Rovere and, testimony are the letters exchanged with her friend Cornelia da Casteldurante in the mid-1500s, even the artist Michelangelo Buonarroti appreciated the taste of the cheese. Today, as then, the cheese, composed partly of cow's milk and partly of sheep's milk, is strongly linked to the traditions and environmental conditions of the Feltre area, "special ingredients" that make it unique among the different types. Precisely for this reason, in 1996 the Casciotta was awarded by the European Community with the label of Protected Designation of Origin, sanctioning that the cheese belonged to the ducal city. Here then is the first Festival dedicated to the Casciotta d'Urbino that wants to introduce the virtues of a cheese of simple origin that is presented in the tables both as a serving dish and as a delicate accompaniment to multiple dishes.
On the occasion of the event, throughout the month of May, taverns and Urbino restaurants will offer special menus in which the undisputed protagonist will be the cheese that, thanks to its sweet and easily matched taste, will be tasted together with other specialties of the local tradition. The Festival will officially open on Saturday 14 May. A tasting will present the twinning between the ducal cheese and the Bianchello del Metauro and the competition to reward the Best Casciotta Cheese from Urbino will start. In addition, the dairies in the area will open their doors to visitors. Children and adults will be able to discover the equipment and techniques necessary for the preparation of the Urbino cheese. At 6.00 pm, a street band will conclude the first evening of the Festival with a concert intinerante that will spread melodies in a path between Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza San Francesco. On Sunday 15 May a new food and wine twinning will see the Casciotta next to the Bianchello del Metauro and follow the awarding of the Best Cheese produced. A group of experts and connoisseurs of the Casciotta will assign the product D.O.P. that best enhances the characteristics of the City Bollino of Urbino 2011. The event will end at 6.00 pm with the concert at the Raffaello College: the Polatonic Choir of Fano will sing melodies and strophes evoking food.

14-15 May Bologna

On the 14th and 15th of May “Orchibo 2011” will be held in Bologna, one of the three international orchestral exhibitions scheduled in Italy.
Organized by AERADO (Associazione Emiliano-Romagnola Amici Delle Orchidee), the event will take place in the Diana Franceschi room and under the colonnade of Villa Aldrovandi Mazzacorati, located in Via Toscana 19.
Originally biennial and now annual, the 21st edition of Orchibo ”has become part of the Bolognese spring tradition and, despite being aimed at professionals in the sector, records a strong influx of visitors moved only by curiosity towards the colorful world of orchids and nature in general.
From 10 am to 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday, orchid lovers and they will not be able to admire these wonderful flowers coming from five Italian regions (Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto), from France, from Germany, from Austria, from Ecuador and Brazil
Sponsored by the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Municipality and the Province of Bologna, the event will be free.
Customs and traditions will move the two days of the exhibition as this year too
the LaminarFlow company ( will carry out a couple of daily demonstrations on its stand (at 11 am and 4 pm) on how to reproduce and propagate orchids from seed and meristem;
it will be possible to repotting plants from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 18.00 with the help of AERADO members at the greenhouse located inside the park of the Villa;

20-22 May Perugia

The green event dedicated to nursery gardening returns with success.
From the 20th to the 22nd May the "Perugia Flower Show" flourishes again with the fourth edition, an exhibition of rare plants and
Specialized and accredited collectors bring the best productions to the stage during the three days
The botanical particularities animate and embellish the Giardini del Frontone, the green heart of the city of Perugia,
the undisputed protagonists, as always, are flowers and plants with the most unusual varieties, colors and patterns
more particular forms.
Sponsored by the Municipality and the Province of Perugia, by the Umbria Region, the event is included among the
most prestigious in Italy in the field of nursery gardening.
Also this year will be given space to "curiosities": Over 65 national exhibitors will present what of
particular offers the floricultural world with rare and ancient productions and collections of roses, irises,
citrus fruits, hibiscus, Mediterranean and tropical plants that will frame the spaces dedicated to publishing
specialized, garden furniture, topiary, ancient natural fabrics and much more to pamper even the
less experienced public.
Numerous collateral activities will involve a varied public during the three green days: courses confirmed
dedicated to green care and floral art organized by the teachers of the Garden Club of Perugia; themed courses
they will surprise both children and adults, to whom the Perugia flower Show immediately teaches the first steps of
approach to greenery and for the most delicious "aromatic" cooking workshops.
The market exhibition will open Friday 20th May from 11.30 am to 8 pm
Saturday 21 and Sunday 23 from 10 am to 8 pm

13-15 May Rome

INFO 345 9356761
Promoted and organized by Ilaria Venturini Fendi and curated by Antonella Fornai, a noted garden expert, FLORACULT
It is an event created to help bring nature back to the center of culture, in a process of integration
which today is unthinkable to do without. In the context of urban decay and environmental emergency, green culture
It is a universal language that can also start from the narrow space of a terrace. Through participation
of expert nurserymen FLORACULT is a laboratory of ideas and a stimulus for the diffusion and development of knowledge
and the use of plants suitable for cultivation in our gardens and balconies.

22 May Darfo Boario terme (BS)

Considering the success of the first edition of the traveling event "Darfo Boario Terme in bloom" held last year in the historic center of the fraction of Darfo, the Public Green Office organizes for the next 22 May the second edition of the initiative focused on the themes of flowers and nature through the various forms of artistic expression. This year the event will take place inside the prestigious Parco delle Terme di Boario, partially purchased by the Municipal Administration, and will be enriched by musical, gastronomic, artistic, craft events and workshops dedicated to the wonderful world of public and private green.
Exhibitors are invited to enhance the aesthetic aspect of their proposals in order to offer quality and professionalism consistent with the ambitious goal of the event.
Admission: free and free.
Continuous opening hours to the public: 10 am-10pm
For information: Municipality of Darfo Boario Terme - Technical Sector - Public Green Service - tel. 0364 / 541330-0364 / 541390 - [email protected]

May 2011: May 13-15 May Franciacorta (BS)

13 - 15 MAY 2011
In the month of the flowering of roses, which accompany the vineyards of Franciacorta, in the wake of national success - and now also international - which sets it apart, this spring botanical exhibition, which since the last edition has the honor of bearing the Medal of 'Gold of the President of the Republic, is preparing to welcome visitors with many new and excellent partners, for a program full of side events, which will be the background to the splendid roses and the colorful perennial herbaceous plants, undisputed protagonists of the three days in which the review will take place.
After the Fattoria di Villa Maggi and, even before that, Villa Monte Rossa, which provided the backdrop for two entire decades, in the middle of May, as usual, Franciacorta is back in bloom, for the 13th edition at Palazzo Guarneri and Palazzo Bettoni-Cazzago, two important historic homes in the Franciacorta area.
The event is organized by the Municipality of Cazzago San Martino (province of Brescia) and by the Pro Loco Comunale and enjoys the patronage of numerous public bodies, including important ministries, the Lombardy Region, the Province of Brescia, the Brescia Chamber of Commerce , the National Union of the Pro Loco of Italy (UNPLI) and the Presidency of the Republic.
Also this year the FAI Delegation of Franciacorta - Sebino - Valle Camonica will be an active partner in the organization of Franciacorta in bloom, to guarantee the defense, conservation and promotion of the historical, architectural and landscape heritage of this area.
13, 14 and 15 May 2011
three very young pioneers of the culinary art
Brixia Team was born from the idea of ​​Filippo Ventura, a young student of I.P.S.S.A.R “A. Mantegna ”of Brescia who, having started to participate in national competitions, plans to build a team with which to compete in the most important national and foreign events.
From October 2010 the collaboration with Mattia Tonelli begins, and in a short time the two reach a high level of preparation in the competition kitchen. Passion and efforts are immediately repaid in October, when Filippo wins a bronze medal in the cold kitchen at the culinary festival in central Italy. Subsequently, in January 2011 the two took part in the northern Italian festival held in San Donà di Piave, in which Mattia won the bronze medal in the cold kitchen and Filippo won the silver medal in the same category and the bronze medal in patisserie.
After this competition, another boy from the hotel school, Davide Ferraresi, joins the Team, and the Team reaches its peak on April 4th at Città di Castello, where the National Cuisine Review took place and in which Filippo wins the medal of Gold in the hot kitchen with an absolute third place among the golds, and the bronze medal in the cold kitchen, while Mattia wins the gold medal in the cold kitchen and the silver medal in pastry.
"The project we have in mind is ambitious, we aim to form a team of 10 people with a high degree of professional preparation and position at least one of the members in the first three places of each competition in which we will participate. The project we have developed is arduous, the work to be done is so much and the path is still long. Being young we focus on the kitchen, using products also snubbed by the cooks of the old generations, but we don't forget about our cultural and gastronomic roots, so we also value local products. From here we try to create a union between tradition and innovation, between local products and modern products such as texturas, which allow us to create new forms, such as spherification, or new textures, such as carbonated or coke-flavored sauces orangeade using xantana, or still, frothy hot creams, thanks to the help of carbon dioxide, or instant ice creams with the help of liquid nitrogen.
The competitions in which we participate require the preparation of dishes thought to be hot or cold and presented gelatine and therefore are exhibition dishes. We are specializing in the use of the spherification technique, where a liquid is mixed with a powder extracted from marine algae called alginate which is then introduced drop by drop with a syringe into a bath of water and calcium chloride, then the droplets will create an external patina and they will become small spheres that will then be drained and washed under water to eliminate calcium chloride, before tasting them.
All this never forgetting the respect of raw materials, the right cooking methods and the seasonality of the products we use.
We have created the base, we are young and ambitious, but we never forget that passion and humility are the first path to success ".
Info: Mattia Tonelli cell +39 339 440 50 56
13, 14 and 15 May 2011
Laura Guazzelli: fairy hands!
The 2011 edition of Franciacorta in bloom offers a welcome novelty to its visitors: the very special plant sculpture workshops and the presentation of the book "The beautiful and the good" proposed by Laura Guazzelli.
Born August 21, 1990 in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, she lives in Pieve Fosciana. From the age of three years he suffers from severe bilateral deafness, recoverable with prosthesis. He successfully attended the Professional Hospitality Institute "Fratelli Pieroni" in Barga, graduating in July 2009.
In February 2007 he participated in a 10-hour course on vegetable sculptures offered by the Province of Lucca and the Municipality of Barga to disabled students of the Hospitality Institute.
The teacher was Claudio Menconi, decorator chef and 2006 World Champion.
On the occasion of the presentation of the book, written by Claudio Menconi, "Sculptor food" which took place in Pieve Fosciana, Laura was invited for her first performance in public, and from here her adventure began.
Info: cell + 39 338 88 63 55