March 2011

March 2011

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5-3 March 2011 Pordenone

Ortogiardino, the Salone del ortoflorovivaismo scheduled at the Pordenone Fair from Saturday 5 to Sunday 13 March 2011
This event, recognized as the main industry event open to the public of the Northeast, transforms the 30,000 square meters of the fairgrounds into a fragrant and colorful garden where it is pleasant to admire the achievements of nurserymen and architects of the green and shopping for plants, flowers , products and equipment for renovating gardens and terraces or setting up the green corner of your apartment.
The attraction of this show is that it brings about 70,000 gardening and horticultural enthusiasts from all over the Triveneto and neighboring Slovenia and Croatia to Pordenone.
The 2011 edition will be even richer and will present 12 gardens to the public for a total of 4,000 square meters of green areas set up by the best landscape architects and nurserymen in Italy.
You can find all the information on the website and

March 6, 2011

SUNDAY, MARCH 6TH THE SEASON 2011 GARDEN SIGURTA'S SEASON STARTS After the winter closure, Sunday 6 March 2011 will reopen the gates of the Sigurta Garden Park, one of the most enchanting gardens in the world.
And to celebrate the Women's Day in advance, all the visitors will be honored with the entrance to the Park and a special guided tour, to discover the natural treasures that fascinate hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

4-6 March 2011 Piacenza

From 4 to 6 March in Piacenza the exhibitions SEMINAT, APIMELL and BUON VIVERE
Seminat, now in its 30th edition, offers a market exhibition of plants
ornamental and fruit trees, seeds and garden equipment: a
essential appointment to find opportunities and new green ideas. THE
even at the entrance to the fair, the visitor will be able to take inspiration from the “sample” gardens, the work of nursery artisans, who each year use the Seminat stage to admire their most original achievements.
Also interesting is the proposal of pruning laboratories - organized by the Raineri Agricultural Institute - to learn about the techniques that modify the way of vegetating and bearing fruit of the various plants, as well as the sensorial paths on medicinal herbs to learn about aromas and fragrances and the their culinary and phytotherapeutic use.
An unmissable event for lovers of "green", Seminat opens the spring season with proposals to reinvigorate and restore the enamel of gardens, terraces, flower beds and vegetable gardens.
On the other hand, the Buon Vivere review starts with quality food farming, which proposes a true itinerary of taste with different stages, ranging from snack to air, to moments of nutrition education for the little ones; at the tastings, particularly cured this year; up to the many buying opportunities, including those of the Campagna Amica market of Coldiretti.A Buon Vivere and Seminat is joined by another successful event organized by Piacenza Expo: Apimell.
The National Market of Beekeeping, of Products and of Beekeeping Equipment, gained in this 28th edition the Patronage of the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies.
The exhibition is also characterized this year as an annual event for those who, in conjunction with the beginning of the bee season, research all the possible technical and operational solutions for breeding and care of bees, production, processing and packaging. of beehive products. Apimell is the most important Exhibition Market of the Sector.
Piacenza Expo - Loc. Le Mose - Piacenza tel. 0523602711

18-20 March 2011 Riccione

The best Italian nurserymen meet in Riccione on the occasion of the market exhibition dedicated to gardening scheduled for Friday 18 Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March 2011
Giardini d'Autore returns, a fixed appointment dedicated to all garden lovers who this weekend have the opportunity to meet nurserymen from all over Italy with unique botanical collections. The splendid garden of Villa Lodi Fи will once again be the setting for this event.
Visitors will be welcomed in a unique environment where they can spend a special day in contact with professionals and enthusiasts to share or discover the passion for the garden.
In the splendid garden they will find space, as every year, stands of artistic craftsmanship of the highest quality, furnishings for the home and garden. and preview a fantastic collection of
umbrellas with exotic charm. A triumph of colors and fragrances thanks also to the young people of the Luigi Einaudi Technical Institute of Novafeltria who will guide us to discover the orange distillation technique. And yet flower arrangement courses, gardening courses for young and old.
Among the novelties of this 2011 edition the Green Carpet project: in the
three days it will be possible to discover the latest outdoor trends and meet young designers who will color Riccione with their ideas of "green living". The theme of this first edition of the Green Carpet project will be "living room in the garden". The public of Giardini d'Autore e
of Riccione will thus have the opportunity to discover new proposals related to furnishing. The event will create scenarios with a strong visual impact in an unprecedented fusion of design and botanical research.
Giardini d'Autore is an event organized by eStudio srl
under the patronage of the Emilia Romagna Region, the Province of Rimini, the Municipality of Riccione and the membership of AIAPP and Adipa.
The exhibition remains open on Friday 18 March from 12:00 to 19:00, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March from 9:00 to 19:00.
The entrance fee is 4 euros. Free entry for children under 16 years.
All information on the event is available on the website:

18-20 March Montichiari (bs)

DEDICATED TO THE HOBBY FARMING Hobby farmers therefore represent a seemingly large and open market potential, hungry for offers and information. In this world Vita in Campagna, the most widely read magazine of amateur agriculture in Italy, dedicates, from 18 to 20 March, the first national fair that combines free education, entertainment and the possibility of buying products at the Garda Exhibition Center in Montichiari (Brescia) specialized and to know who shares the same passion.
The fair that wasn't there. The manifestation of Country Life is a unique event of its kind because it offers mini-courses on the most up-to-date cultivation techniques in a farm rebuilt from the real where the visitor can establish a dialogue "face to face" with ten experts in Country Life. An agora of greenery with vegetable garden, garden, orchard, vineyard, olive grove, apiary and small animals and a full calendar of practical demonstrations of pruning and grafting, meetings to learn how to grow roses and hydrangeas, solutions to achieve energy savings in the country house or to run a chicken coop or rabbits. A place to learn about new ways to carry out amateur activity and exchange experiences. There is now a communal garden in almost every city. The 301 school gardens born in 17 regions with the Slow Food “Orto in Condesso” project that have an educational purpose towards the new generations should also be mentioned. Another project that has as its theme the garden has recently been launched by the Italia Nostra association and has generated the first ten urban gardens that recover the "art of cultivating" understood as respect for the historical memory of the places ".
The Vita in Campagna fair takes place from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 March at the Garda Exhibition Center in Montichiari (recommended exit: Brescia East), with admission from 9.30am to 6pm. The entrance ticket costs 10 euros, with the possibility of obtaining reductions of 50% by connecting to

18-20 March 2011 Padua

FROM 18 TO 20 MARCH 2011
Verdecasa, the North East festival dedicated to those who love flowers and plants at the Fiera in Padua from 18 to 20 March 2011, grows and returns full of news and contents for its fourth edition. Verdecasa, which opens the most beautiful season of the year, has become the showcase to introduce the public to the techniques and new products to bring greenery into the home: a veritable explosion of ideas for terraces, balconies and gardens.
On display, green enthusiasts will find a wide selection of plants and flowers to embellish the corners of their homes, everything needed for the hobby garden, such as products, technologies, machines, equipment for growing plants and flowers , the solutions and plants already ready to cultivate a vegetable garden on your terrace or balcony and finally all the products for mind and body care and natural for plant-based health and well-being.
Also this year, AIAPP Section Triveneto Emilia Romagna in collaboration with PadovaFiere, promotes "GIARDINI & Giardini - Designer gardens for everyone", a design competition for small gardens and terraces. On display will be 6 gardens of 32 square meters and 6 terraces of 15 square meters. Many solutions that can be adapted, even from an economic point of view, to the different needs to include green in home spaces as part of the furnishings.
Among Verdecasa's collateral initiatives we highlight the conference organized by the Environment & Health Dossier "How to organize a small domestic garden" and the course on maintenance of indoor Bonsai organized by the Euganea Bonsai Association. Designing or restoring even the smallest of gardens may seem a difficult undertaking, but it can be treated as a series of projects and everything becomes simpler. During the conference, which will be held on Saturday 19 March 2011 from 4.30pm to 5.30pm, all the techniques for a small garden will be on display.
During the course on the maintenance of the indoor Bonsai, in addition to briefly treating the physiology of the plant, the Euganea Bonsai Association will provide all the necessary tips for cultivation and the participants will be assisted in repotting and pruning to maintain the shape of the foliage.
Also the city of Padua opens to Verdecasa which, with the collaboration of the Green Sector, Parks and Street Furniture of the Municipality of Padua, promotes the VERDECITTA event thanks to which they will make themselves known to both large and small the many possibilities to spend pleasant moments and fun using the green areas in the city, such as the Europa Park, easily reachable by bicycle or by bus. The objective of this event is to educate the visitor to the knowledge of botanical species and their richness of expression in terms of variety. Companies participating in VERDECITTA 'will compose a flower bed of about 100 square meters in the Europa Park according to their own free compositional expression.
Verdecasa 2011 will be a veritable explosion of fragrances, colors and side events that will open its doors to spring at the Fiera in Padua from 18 to 20 March.
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30 March 3 April 2011 Locarno (Switzerland)

Not just a show, but a real camellia festival.
The silk protagonist of the 2011 edition.
Locarno, on the Swiss shore of Lake Maggiore, will host Locarno Camelie for the 14th time, from 30 March to 3 April 2011, one of the most important events in Europe dedicated to the magnificent flower of oriental origin, belonging to the Theaceae family. The 2011 edition will be dedicated to silk.
Locarno is a real festival. In fact, the exhibition stands out not only for its rich display of cut camellias (over 300, that is the "scientific" part of the event), for the extreme care taken in the preparation of the spaces, the profusion of floral decorations and, certainly last but not least, the possibility for the public to visit the adjacent Camellia Park of the City of Locarno, which last year saw the prestigious "Garden of Excellence" brand awarded by the International Camellia Society.
Located in one of the most beautiful corners of the city, in a naturalistic area on the shore of the lake of great beauty, the Parco delle Camelie Locarnese gives the best of its own during the festival, with hundreds and hundreds of plants in bloom. A truly unique show.
The structure has now become an attraction for flower lovers from all over the world. Inaugurated on the occasion of the World Camellia Congress held in Locarno in 2005, and then expanded in the following years, the park receives just under 1000 different varieties of camellias, spread over an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters. Two ponds with water features and a modern educational pavilion are grounds for further appeal.
The park, as mentioned, has just been included in the very limited list of "Garden of Excellence" set up by the International Camelia Society (ICS), the highest global instance in terms of camellias.
Together with the Locarno park, the garden of Villa Anelli in Oggebio, located a few kilometers beyond the border, on the Piedmontese shore of Verbano, has been awarded the important recognition of the ICS.
It is yet another demonstration of the fact that the Lake Maggiore area is one of the main European destinations for lovers of parks and gardens. It will suffice to mention here that within a few kilometers the enthusiast can admire other important structures. On the Swiss shore we mention the Gambarogno botanical park (dedicated to camellias and magnolias), the Brissago Islands botanical park (where you can admire lush subtropical vegetation), and the Tei Park, with plantation and laboratory of green tea, realized to the Monte Verità of Ascona (the Mount of Utopia, so loved by philosophers, artists and naturists). The offer on the nearby Italian lake shore is also important, which counts on attractions such as the aforementioned Villa Anelli, the Borromean Islands and the Gardens of Villa Taranto.
As always, Locarno Camelie pays great attention to the care of the preparation of what is the fulcrum of the event, namely the scientific exhibition, which will present over 300 varieties of camellias, divided into different species (japonica, reticultata, etc.), hybrids and cultivars coming from various parks and private gardens in the region.
The guest of honor of the festival will be the Educational Silk Museum of Como, a place of historical memory of the important silk industry in Como. An industry that has profiled Como as a "City of Silk" and that despite the profound and irreversible transformations it underwent from 1960 onwards, it continues to be important. Opened to the public in 1990. The Museum collects, preserves and exhibits the testimonies of the textile manufacturing tradition of Como such as machines, objects, documents, samples and work tools coming from textile manufacturing, a part of which will be put on display in Locarno.
Just the silk will act as the common thread of the 14th edition. In addition to an exhibition of precious and ancient Japanese kimonos (made of silk), the event will feature the collaboration of the Textile section of the school center for artistic industries of Lugano (CSIA), whose students will present drawings, pre-press tables, fabrics and new creations on silk inspired by the world of camellias.
As always, the event will also offer moments of entertainment and in particular the Concerto delle camellie, which will be held in the splendid setting of the Sopracenerina Electric Company, in Piazza Grande in Locarno. The appointment with chamber music is on Thursday 30th March and on Saturday 2nd April (entry CHF 28; CHF 12 for students).
The Locarno Camelie festival is held at the Parco delle Camelie in Locarno (on the lakeside, in viale Respini), from Wednesday 30 March to Sunday 3 April 2011.
The exhibition will remain open at the following times: Wednesday - Sunday from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm.
Ticket price: adults 10 francs, pensioners 8 francs. 20% discount for groups of at least 10 people. Free admission for children up to 16 years.
The Parco delle Camelie can be reached with the free FART bus service - Bus stop in front of the Federal Railway station, in front of the FART ticket office and in Via della Pace.
Special offers. The most interesting is the entrance to the exhibition, the trip with a Navigazione Lago Maggiore boat and a visit to the Brissago Islands at a cost of 32 francs.
Other discounts are offered on the ticket of the Locarno-Madonna del Sasso-Orselina funicular (50%) on the Orselina - Cardada cableway ticket and the Cardada Cimetta chairlift (50%)
Combined ticket with 20% reduction from all stations of the Swiss Federal Railways.
For more information call the Lago Maggiore Tourist Office 0041 91 791.00.91.