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April 2011

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Ischia 1 April 2011

Opening of the La Mortella gardens
Thursday, April 1, La Mortella Gardens reopen to the public, the well-known botanical jewel of the island of Ischia created by Lady Walton and her husband, the English composer William Walton, in one of the most suggestive places on the island: the promontory of Zaro that overlooks on Forio.
It is the first time that the gardens open to the public since Lady Walton's recent death on March 21st. Despite this painful loss, the planning of the activities of the Mortella will continue as usual. In fact, for many years Lady Walton had passed to the William Walton and La Mortella Foundation, which she had created, the complete management of the garden and the planning of cultural programs. It is therefore in the sign of the continuity of a great tradition that the Gardens reopen, guaranteeing to all the friends and admirers that the legacy of culture and beauty left to the world by Lady Walton will always be kept in the respect of the will of this unforgettable lady .
The garden was initially designed by Russell Page, one of the greatest English landscape painters of the 1900s, who, inspired by the presence of the great composer and the botanical passion of Lady Susana, has created one of his most famous and successful projects here. Later Lady Walton continued to develop the project by expanding the original garden, which included only the lower part of the property, to occupy the whole hill. Today La Mortella covers about two hectares, and is embellished with pools, fountains and waterways rich in tropical water lilies, lotus flowers and papyrus, which create a fresh and lush environment.
The garden is divided into two large areas: downstream garden and garden on the hill, connected by a series of ladders and terraces. Both parts are accessible, separately, to the disabled.
La Mortella is home to thousands of rare plants and many collections of great botanical value, including the tree ferns of Australia and New Zealand that form a grove in the Valley garden, the cycadaceae (Cycas, Encephalarthos, Zamia) planted here and there in the whole garden, the Metrosideros excelsus from New Zealand, the Geranium maderiense that begin to bloom in this period the very many orchids that are found both outdoors, in the most humid areas, and in greenhouses.

Merano 1 April 2011

On 1 April the Sissi Gardens reopen at Trauttmansdorff Castle - Merano and celebrate their tenth anniversary
Leaving behind a record 2010 for number of visitors, 10 years after their opening, the Sissi Gardens reopen the season on April 1st next, with a calendar full of events, new attractions and surprises. Among the great news of this year we highlight the presence of a new guide, new opening times and above all the attraction "The underground kingdom of plants".
Bolzano, March 2011 - The Sissi Gardens in Merano will reopen on 1 April. Waiting for the first visitors a riot of scents and colors: in April over 130,000 bulbs bloom! In that period, tulips, daffodils and anemones, hyacinths and camassias bloom, Corone Imperiali and English Bluebell planted artfully during the autumn by expert gardeners, to give visitors always new breathtaking scenery.
Awarded in 2005 as the most beautiful park in Italy and already visited by over 3 million people from all over the world, the Gardens are a true earthly paradise just outside Merano. Spread over 12 hectares around the famous Trauttmansdorff Castle, the same in which Sissi, the empress of Austria (recently interpreted in a fiction on Rai 1 by the actress Cristiana Capotondi), loved to walk and regenerate. In these places of peace and serenity it is still possible to imagine how the princess could feel, walking along the path dedicated to her and which she traced more than 100 years ago.
The Sissi Gardens are part of the prestigious network of the Great Italian Gardens and are partners in the European cultural path "La strada di Sissi". The successful combination of art and nature makes the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, a unique attraction worldwide and confirms it as the most popular tourist destination in South Tyrol.
Gardens change appearance from season to season, from month to month! New blooms, fragrances and colors transform landscapes until late autumn, when the curtain falls on the fall foliage show.
New times of the Gardens of Sissi and Touriseum:
from 1 April to 31 October from 9.00 to 19.00
from 1 to 15 November from 9.00 to 17.00
Friday in June, July and August from 9.00am to 11.00pm

Camelie On Lake Maggiore

30 March - 3 April 2011
Not just a show, but a real camellia festival.
The silk protagonist of the 2011 edition.
The Parco delle Camelie in Locarno awarded the prestigious "Garden Of Excellence" brand. Locarno, on the Swiss shore of Lake Maggiore, will host Locarno Camelie for the 14th time, from 30 March to 3 April 2011, one of the most important events in Europe dedicated to the magnificent flower of oriental origin, belonging to the Theaceae family. The 2011 edition will be dedicated to silk.
Locarno is a real festival. In fact, the exhibition stands out not only for its rich display of cut camellias (over 300, that is the "scientific" part of the event), for the extreme care taken in the preparation of the spaces, the profusion of floral decorations and, certainly last but not least, the possibility for the public to visit the adjacent Camellia Park of the City of Locarno, which last year saw the prestigious "Garden of Excellence" brand awarded by the International Camellia Society.
Located in one of the most beautiful corners of the city, in a naturalistic area on the shore of the lake of great beauty, the Parco delle Camelie Locarnese gives the best of its own during the festival, with hundreds and hundreds of plants in bloom. A truly unique show. The structure has now become an attraction for flower lovers from all over the world. Inaugurated on the occasion of the World Camellia Congress held in Locarno in 2005, and then expanded in the following years, the park receives just under 1000 different varieties of camellias, spread over an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters. Two ponds with water features and a modern educational pavilion are grounds for further appeal.
As always, Locarno Camelie pays great attention to the care of the preparation of what is the fulcrum of the event, namely the scientific exhibition, which will present over 300 varieties of camellias, divided into different species (japonica, reticultata, etc.), hybrids and cultivars coming from various parks and private gardens in the region.
The organizers announce a new exhibition concept. The exhibition will be further expanded with the creation of three different environments, connected to each other and distributed in a new tensile structure and in two large semi-spherical greenhouses. The goal is to give the visitor more comfort and at the same time enhance the beauty of the individual flowers.
The guest of honor of the festival will be the Educational Silk Museum of Como, a place of historical memory of the important silk industry in Como. An industry that has profiled Como as a "City of Silk" and that despite the profound and irreversible transformations it underwent from 1960 onwards, it continues to be important. Opened to the public in 1990. The Museum collects, preserves and exhibits the testimonies of the textile manufacturing tradition of Como such as machines, objects, documents, samples and work tools coming from textile manufacturing, a part of which will be put on display in Locarno.

9-10 April 2011 Racconigi

Return to the Royal Greenhouses in the Racconigi Park
In the Culture Week, 9 and 10 April 2011
(Racconigi, March 15th 2011) - In the park of the Racconigi castle, awarded last year the prestigious recognition of "Most beautiful park in Italy" and on the occasion of the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy, will be proposed on the 9th and April 10th the now traditional event "Return to the Royal Greenhouses", an appointment with the floricultural culture of the garden, the vegetable garden and the orchard: a great market exhibition of flowers, plants and garden tools in the prestigious setting of Margaria del Racconigi Castle.
Flowers and plants, aromatic and medicinal herbs, tools and accessories for the garden, tools for conservation and cultivation will be exhibited. The best Piedmontese nurserymen will exhibit the most beautiful collections of orchids, azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, mountain plants and flowers, hydrangeas, roses, wisterias in varieties, irises, aquatic plants, peonies, herbaceous plants, perennial poppies, Japanese anemones, geraniums, violets , aromatic and medicinal plants, garden furniture in cast iron, iron and ceramic. Tools and much more will be, thanks to the environment in which it takes place, the installation of a truly incomparable exhibition. With the event "Return to the Royal Greenhouses", just the greenhouse of the Castle of Racconigi, returns to be protagonist as in the mid-nineteenth century, when the royal gardens were the most famous in Europe for the variety of plants that were cultivated there. The spectacular neo-gothic structure desired by Carlo Alberto will be the backdrop to the exhibition mosaic of plants, tools and accessories for the garden and the terrace, aromatic and medicinal herbs, products for the conservation and cultivation of plants.
On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unity of Italy, the royal chapel and the Reposoir of the Queen will exceptionally be opened.
In the park on April 10th, the Historical Group "Savoy Nobility" of the City of Rivoli, will present the new costume show "Once upon a time there was no Italy", a traveling staging between the northern square of the Castle and the Russian Dacia, to recall the 150 years of the Unity of Italy. The historical group "Nobility Sabauda" was born in Rivoli in 1997 on the occasion of the annual event "Once Upon a Time a King". It is made up of about forty people who wear historical clothes with great attention to detail and who present themselves with a professionalism that has allowed them to gain visibility and fame among historical groups, even outside the regional borders.
On Sunday afternoons, in front of the greenhouse, the animators of Giocavamo Cosм will be present, an activity dedicated to the little ones and their parents, who will have fun together to discover the playgrounds of children "of the past".
Timetable from 10 to 19, admission 2 euros. Reduced: 1 euro (between 18 and 25 years). Free for under-18s and over-65s and holders of the Torino Piemonte Museums Card.
The public will have access to the event, entering from the central gate of Margaria, at the bottom of the park, where the ticket office will be placed. There is a pay parking inside the park with entrance from the black gate. The event also takes place in case of bad weather.

2-3 April 2011 Turin

XXIII Exhibition / Market
On Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April 2011, the twenty-third edition of the event called "Ortoflora & Natura" is scheduled, which takes place in the Cascina Vigna Park and is one of the most important Piedmontese events in the horticultural and horticultural sector and equipment and furnishings. from vegetable garden and garden.
This year the "Ortoflora & Natura" trade show was recognized by the Piedmont Region as a regional event, thus allowing this initiative to grow not only in terms of number of exhibitors but also in the quality of the products presented.
In the green of the city park, stands, spaces and areas will be set up for exhibitors coming from all over Piedmont, from Liguria, Tuscany and Sicily.
Green and flowering plants, seeds and seedlings, aromatic herbs, mountain flowers, green carpets, garden and park furniture, equipment and plant for vegetable gardens and gardens, plant engineering and furniture for urban greenery, natural foods and environmental literature, entertainment music, all to flavor an event now tested and followed by a large public eager to discover the floral news and the delights that will be presented for the occasion.
The program broadly follows that of previous years, re-proposing the tasting of Ravanin and Porro which has been highly successful, thus reaching the fourth edition:
Inside the park, in addition to the event, you can also visit the Civic Museum of Natural History and the Fish Hatchery that welcome visitors from all over the region.
All information and clarifications on the event can be requested from the Exhibition Office by calling the following numbers: 011/9724222 - 270 - 334.3040338.

1-3 April Pisa

former Leopolda Station, Scotto Garden and city
Flowers that color, perfume and ... flavor life.
From 1 to 3 April the Tuscan city known for the Leaning Tower returns with the second edition of “Fior di città. Pisa in bloom 2011 ”, the appointment with spring and the thousand ways to delight existence by asking for help from plants and flowers.
The former container station of the event will be the former Leopolda Station, the Scotto garden and the streets of the city center, transformed for the occasion into a flowery meadow where you can learn about and buy shrubs, buds, seeds, equipment to cure them or cultivate them. In more conventions and in-depth moments to optimize the features in the kitchen, cultivate them, use them as a therapy, know their history over the centuries.
We will taste the creations of the chocolatier Paul De Bondt (Dutch by birth but Pisan by adoption) who will take part in the days at the Leopolda. We will see practical lessons of recipes based on petals and herbs made by a chef at the time. We will talk about vegetable garden and health, of the nutraceutical value of fruit and vegetables, of spontaneous flora put in the pot in the popular tradition. The Italian Academy of chilli will tell the plants of love (from the croissant, drive out trouble, to savory). Teachers and experts will teach us to choose vegetables according to their nutritional and health properties. A point will be made on the project "Social Gardens", so much in vogue in recent years, concrete and rooted in the Municipality of Pisa. Because cultivating helps you live better.
The "war gardens" (which have fed entire nations in times of crisis) have taught us. The peasants and the common people at first with the advent of the factories, then of the welfare, have abandoned the fields. But a growing pride has slowly begun to talk about it again. Finally, Michelle Obama arrived and a vegetable garden set him up on the lawn of the White House. Today in the city tomatoes and peppers are also cultivated on the terraces of the apartments. There are even those who adopt a garden, using others to dig it up, returned at the end of its fruits. In short: the garden is coming back big time. "City flower. Pisa in bloom 2011 ”will give you the tools to love it more and more.
For the occasion, boat cruises will also be organized along the Arno River, praised by Dante, an artery that runs through Pisa. The tour will be delighted with De Bondt tea, herbal teas and chocolates.
Friday 1st April, 12.00 - 19.30
Saturday 2 April, 9.30am - 7.30pm
Sunday 3 April, 9.30am - 7.30pm

15-17 April Lastra a Signa (FI)

Vivai Belfiore, in collaboration with the association "L'Ape Latina" and with the patronage of the Municipality of Lastra a Signa, are pleased to present
"ORTI e HORTI" - Spring Fair for the Amateur Garden
which will take place on 15-16-17 April 2011 in the particular setting of Parco Vivai Belfiore, in Lastra a Signa (FI). The event, now in its third edition, aims to deepen and promote the culture and culture of the garden, displaying and selling collections of ancient and rare vegetable plants, local and forgotten vegetable seeds and collections of medicinal plants , aromatic and wild edible varieties, ancient grains, legumes in many varieties from many European countries, without forgetting the ancient fruits in numerous collections, always present in ancient and contemporary gardens. Producers, collectors and associations from all over Italy will bring their products on display and for sale (seedlings, seeds, educational and informative material, fresh and dried vegetables and legumes).
Also this year we will have the opportunity to deepen philosophies and cultivation techniques, concerning the synergistic vegetable garden, the biodynamic vegetable garden, the organic vegetable garden and the natural vegetable garden, highlighting the very interesting social and educational aspect that the initiative carries out of the cultivation of the vegetable garden in the various areas of the community: educational gardens in schools, social gardens for the disabled and the elderly, vegetable gardens as a method of recovering abandoned and uncultivated land. The vegetable garden therefore as a means of communication, socialization and learning.
To this end, a competition will be organized within the event to which all those who come to compete in the creation of a small transportable vegetable garden, which can be placed in small spaces of one's home, terrace or balcony, can participate.
As always, there will be numerous and fun workshops for adults and children every day; meetings and conferences with the most experienced personalities in the sector.
ORTI and HORTI Secretariat
Location: Parco Vivai Belfiore via di Valle, loc. S. Ilario
Lastra a Signa - Florence
Info and Contacts: tel.fax 0558724166 tel. 3283847235 - tel. 3475900869
e-mail: [email protected]

3 April Brescia

Spring returns to the city with the second edition of "Brixia Florum"
After the great success of the last edition, "Brixia Florum" is back on Sunday, April 3rd in Brescia, a market show of plants and flowers that on this occasion will dress in green Corso Zanardelli
The appointment with lovers of greenery and gardening is renewed. Bresciani, the Florentine Nursery Association, in collaboration with the Municipality of Brescia and the Circumscription Center organizes the second edition of "Brixia Florum" on Corso Zanardelli on Sunday 3rd April. An explosion of colors and scents is guaranteed unique thanks to the 19 manufacturers that will exhibit hundreds of seasonal varieties.
Many new blooms are present in this edition: splendid varieties of bromeliads, colorful tropical plants that do not require special care are among the most important productions of our province, or the dipladenia, evergreen creeper from America with flowers with shades that vary from white to red. There will also be some collection specimens of succulent and succulent plants that, starting in May, are preparing to give wonderful blooms.
"Enriching a downtown street like Corso Zanardelli with plants and flowers is an important event for us - underlines Marco Lonati, new president of the Bresciani Florentine Association - not only for the display and sale of our local productions, but also for to stimulate and increase the sensitivity and love of citizens towards the green through confrontation with our experts. "
Brixia Florum is just a small taste of the event that for a month in September will transform Piazza Duomo into a wonderful garden.
Appointment then Sunday 3 April from 10.00 to 20.00 in Zanardelli. For more information you can visit the website: or call 030 3534008/335 7708829. There is also a Facebook page, where you can always be updated about news and events dedicated to green.

15-17 April 2011 Colorno (PR)

In the sign of Giglio it has come of age and reaffirms its role as a European reference show in a sector, that of the gardening market exhibitions, overcrowded and not always of very high quality initiatives.
The dates of the event hosted by the magnificent Colorno Palace Park, near Parma, will be brought forward by a week this year: 15, 16 and 17 April.
The link between the Parma exhibition and "Les journees des plantes de Courson", the leading event in Europe, has been confirmed and further strengthened. This year also, on the occasion of the RHS Chelsea flower show (the most important flower show in the world, organized in central London in the elegant Chelsea district and inaugurated by Prince Carlo) Elisa Migone and Isabella Gemignani, great patroness of event of Colorno, they have established new relationships with overseas organizers and exhibitors who will choose In the sign of the Lily to make themselves known to Italian lovers ...
As always there are numerous and equally selected collateral events at the great exhibition of Colorno's flowers, plants, furnishings and accessories.
Artour, Provincial Administration of Parma, Municipality of Colorno have once again allied themselves to make this review an opportunity for in-depth study for an audience of enthusiasts coming now not only from Italy but also from abroad, the public that in the sumptuous parterre of the Park della Reggia finds the ideal context to enjoy the greenery and to implement its own collections.
In the sign of Giglio it is promoted by the Province of Parma and by the Municipality of Colorno, and organized by Artour.
Timetable of the Exhibition: from 10 to 19 of the days 15 - 17 April. Admission euro 7.
For information on the Exhibition: AR.TU, tel. 0521.282431 - 0521.235708
Tourist information: IAT Colorno, tel. 0521.313336; IAT Parma, tel. 0521.218889; Parma Point, tel. 0521.931800

21 April 1 May Genoa

COLORFUL SUGGESTIONS AND EMBOSSING AROMAS: SBFLCIA EUROFLORA 2011 The "secret garden" is revealed from 21 April to 1 May next to the Fiera di Genova
A lush garden to learn how to protect biodiversity
In the Palasport a path crosses five natural habitats
An edition with a high rate of internationality
special guest the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Ghent
the presence of operators from all over the world is numerous
Over 500 technical and aesthetic competitions for a prize of 420 thousand euros
The magical and luxuriant atmosphere of Euroflora, ready to make the Genoese fair district bloom, returns on time after five years from April 21st to next May 1st. The 2011 edition, the tenth in the history of the event, promises to be a unique and extremely suggestive show made of plants, colors and essences coming from five different continents and always capable of attracting operators and enthusiasts from all over the world.
At the end of a complex and meticulous construction work, Fiera di Genova will open the doors of its lush garden intoxicating visitors with intense aromas and infinite nuances of color, where the best of Italian and foreign productions will contribute to the extraordinary Genoa floral. In addition to the Palasport, which has always been the scenographic heart of the event, in pavilion C, and to the large open spaces, for the first time the new Blue pavilion - inaugurated by Jean Nouvel in 2009 - will also contribute, with its twenty thousand square meters facing on the sea, with the impact of colors, reflections and natural fragrances.
Euroflora is the most prestigious international horticultural event in the Mediterranean, the most important indoor and presents all the specificities of the sector: from research to hybridization, from cut flowers to fronds, from potted plants to arboriculture, from gardening to landscaping. It is recognized by AIPH - Association Internationale des Producteurs Horticoles, and is part of AIF - Association of International Floralies.
The "biodiversity", the main theme of all the editions of Euroflora, will be developed by the collective participations and directly by the individual producers, "ambassadors" of the specific environments and territorial climates, and will have in 2011 a new, broader and more multi-faceted variation. In the parterre of the Palasport, the large circular entrance pavilion, five biotypes will be faithfully recreated: the desert, the Mediterranean scrub, the lake, the tropical forest and the guided nature. From succulents to cacti, from the echinoids to the oasis with the palm grove to go to the large azaleas, from the centuries-old olive trees on backgrounds of Gallura granite rocks, from the bougainvillea color explosions to the large specimens of lemons, from the rose garden to the ferns from the garden. Each habitat will be the result of the work and the joint experience of multiple producers who will work together to propose to the public these amazing natural "splits" and speak to the aesthetic sense of the visitors, without losing sight of the didactic function of the initiative: to show the biological and botanical varieties , abiotic and morphological of territories near and far, teaching the observer how to live them, protect them and preserve them. To complete this journey between wonder and knowledge the presence of botanical gardens with a set of particular plants, explained in their origin and in their function. In the first ring of the pavilion a gallery of precious bonsai and to follow the presence of municipal gardens.
Italian investments
Euroflora 2011 will be a journey through the productive excellence of the floriculture of the peninsula, from north to south, to rediscover the typical features of the territories. Collective participations from Valle d'Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy with a regional collective and the Lariano district, Liguria, Tuscany with the Pistoia floricultural district, Marche, Lazio, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia with two pools of companies, to debut Sicily and Calabria. For Liguria there will also be the Province of Genoa and the Municipalities of Genoa, Cogoleto, Rapallo and Sanremo. Of great value are the individual participations, stimulated by an exhibition project that is more attentive to the enhancement of excellence, for the first time the Torsanlorenzo nurseries, the Porcellato nurseries, the Righetti nurseries and the Romanelli nurseries will take part in Euroflora directly alongside the historical names of the event such as Barbazza Bonsai, Barni Rose, Cactusmania, De Luca Gardening Center, Vivai Castagno, Crespi Bonsai, Franchi Bonsai, Oscar Tintori, Vivai Trio and the Flower Market of Viareggio. And then Arterame, I Giardini di Maggi, Vivai Glorio, Rosanova, Giromagi, Riviera Cactus and Azienda Agricola Zunino. Among the institutional investments to be reported, for the first time, the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, and the presence of Cia, Coldiretti and Confagricoltura, Assoverde, Garden Club, Marsano State Institute of Agriculture of Genoa, Marine Protected Area of Portofino.
Olio Carli will celebrate the centenary of its activity at Euroflora with a cross-section of the famous Olive Museum of Imperia and a green space along the boulevard of the orchards and gardens. The same avenue will be bordered by the gallery dedicated to the media and specialized magazines.
The world at Euroflora
The internationalization rate of the event is growing significantly, also thanks to an exceptional Special Guest: the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Ghent, the organizer of the historic Floralies, floral exhibitions that the Belgian city of Ghent has been hosting since 1808, with the which was signed an important collaboration agreement in April 2010.
Belgium and the excellence of its nursery production will therefore be the protagonists of a space of fifteen hundred square meters in the center of the S pavilion. In the foreground, the country's production excellence: azaleas, but particular attention will also be given to the fascinating world of mosaiculture. In addition to Belgium, the foreign holdings announced over two months ago come from: France, the Philippines, Ecuador, Germany, Equatorial Guinea, India, Mauritius, Holland, Romania, the Republic of San Marino, the United States, Taiwan and Hungary. The AIF - Association of International Floralies will be representing the European floral circuit.
Timetables and prices
Euroflora will be open to the public at the following times: from Thursday 21 April to Sunday 1 May, from 08.00 to 23.00; cash desk closing: 22.00
The full ticket costs 20.00 Ђ and after 18.00 16.00 Ђ. Free admission for children up to 5 years, while the ticket price for children between the ages of 6 and 14 is € 10.00.
For information:
Fiera di Genova Spa - ​​tel. + 39 010 53911

9-10 April 2011 Cusago

"Timeless gardens" in Cusago:
new edition, lots of news
In April via the V edition of the nursery gardening exhibition
in the historic setting of the Visconti Castle
Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April 2011 back in Cusago "Timeless gardens", the fifth edition of the floriculture exhibition dedicated to lovers of greenery organized by Proloco Cusago in collaboration with the municipal administration, which this year is completely renewed, also in the name, maintaining its historic location in the meadows surrounding the Castello Visconteo, which for the occasion will open its courtyard exceptionally to the public.
Cusago is therefore preparing to host excellent nurserymen for two days, coming from all over Italy and from Provence, ready to present the best of their production. New among the participants but also in the proposal of themed events, with particular attention to the enhancement of the territory of the South Park.
As in the previous edition, the exhibition will be flanked by the traditional market of antiques and organic products, which will pop